FS: 2001 Mustang Bullitt - $3800 - Nor Cal


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Aug 24, 2014
Los Altos
Up for sale is a dark highland green bullitt. Car has 132k miles on it and the mileage represents the condition. I purchased the car from an auction and was going to keep it for myself but I want to free up the cash. Car runs very well and most everything works like it should. Car holds a salvage title but I believe it might be from a dent on the fender that looks like it was replaced but not very well because the hood rubs when you go to shut it. Overall condition of the car is a 6/10.

Paint is decent shape. Theres a pretty big scrape on the driver's side rear bumper looks like someone swiped it. There's a couple spots where the clear coat is peeling.
No rust on the car anywhere. Dent in driver's side fender, one area on the hood by the hinges is cracked and shows fiberglass. Only one or two door dings and no other dents. The side skirts/bullitt exclusive mud flaps are in nice shape.
Interior: There are rips in the seats. The door panels are nice, window motors work great. Carpet is clean and no cracks in dash. All controls inside work as they should. There was a double din radio in the car that was ripped out and I replaced it with a factory radio. Whoever had the car wired it for the double din so the amps/subs don't kick on with the radio.
Brakes: Driver's front brake was replaced with cobra brakes. They squeal when the car goes down the street but the car stops fine. I'd recommend new brakes.
Engine: Engine runs like a top I just did new motorcraft plugs, motor is stock down to the air box.

Car has not been a garage queen but it's a solid car for someone to take the time to fix all the little things wrong with it. Car will not be sold with the wheels shown, I have the stock bullitts for it but the tires are shot. I'm in northern california near sacramento and am willing to work with any potential buyer. I'm more than happy to assist with shipping but I would not feel comfortable selling a car sight unseen. Price is $3,800. Any questions can call/text me at 650-305-0508, or pm me on here.


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