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For Sale: 1998 Red Ford Contour SVT (original owner) 112k miles $1100 o.b.o.

Discussion in 'SVT Foci/SVT Contours Buy/Sell' started by Zipaquira, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Zipaquira

    Zipaquira New Member

    Aug 15, 2011
    For Sale: 1998 Red Ford Contour SVT (original owner) 112k miles $1100 o.b.o. (in Atlanta, GA). Photos here: https://post.craigslist.org/manage/4390863405

    So this was my first brand new car and I bought it in December 1997 (see attached photo of title).
    I got this car off the showroom floor in Marietta, GA with just 7 miles on the odometer and now it has 112,474 miles.

    The exterior is Toreador Red and the Midnight Blue leather seats have great bolsters and are in excellent condition, much better than some of the cars I see listed.

    The major maintenance items performed to the car include:
    -clutch 77k miles
    -water pump 80k
    -power brake booster 70k
    -ac compressor 84k

    The car has never overheated on me nor has it ever been in a major accident.

    There is no rust on the chassis or paint; frame is straight; interior is really clean and leather is in great shape. . .8/10. The various cosmetic blemishes you see around the car are mostly from me taking it out on tracks and getting a little too close to walls. With that said, the exterior will need TLC and this fact is reflected in the price.


    The transmission, differential, cooling system, starter, all work fine. The car has never overheated on me nor has it ever been in a major accident. It has never failed an emissions test either. However, I think there is an issue with the fuel pump and this car may have symptoms of the rod and crank bearing failure common to the 2.5L duratec engines.. With that said, the noise that I hear is similar to what I hear in these two videos:
    SVT Contour Death Clatter - YouTube
    Rod knock by hand - YouTube

    Possible fix:
    -Take the bottom end apart and checking each rod for bearing damage, measuring the rod bearings ID from top to bottom and side to side.
    -Might be able to put it back together after just having the crank ground and new bearings. Don't reuse the same rod, replace it with a good or new one. You should be able to get one good rod either online or at Pull-a-part. The other rods should be OK but you can replace them too for preventative maintenance.

    Here are some really good discussions on the rod and crank bearing issues with the 2.5L Duratecs:
    Can we solve the rod knock?
    Rods & the bottom end. - Knowledgebase - Ask Terry. - FordContour.Org
    V6 Rod bearings..STUPID ADVICE!!!! - Knowledgebase - Ask Terry. - FordContour.Org

    The mechanical issues are reflected in the low price. You will need a trailer or something to tow it when picking it up unless you can get it running on the spot.

    Needs nothing! The leather seats, dash, and door panels are in terrific condition and are in much better shape than most other SVTs being offered for sale. No tears, cracks, or fraying in any of the leather seats.

    And to be clear, this is sold AS-IS in its current condition. If you want something off the car, then come take the whole thing. CLEAN TITLE in hand and ready to transfer.

    PRICE: $1100 o.b.o. (excludes any applicable government fees/taxes or emission testing charges).

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