Focus SVT warms up then dies out after.


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May 19, 2024
Los Angeles
Hello everyone,

I have a 2002 Ford Focus SVT. Everything is bone stock. Car has been sitting for about 4 years, grabbed it from my uncle cause he was send it to the junkyard. Long story short, I would let the car warm up for about 15 mins until it starts having issues and sounds like it’s about to die out until it does. I uploaded a link to show what I mean. I had codes saying it was running lean p1131 (manufacturer control). So I decided to replace a whole bunch of parts. The parts I replaced were:

New parts:
Fuel filter
Fuel pump
Fuel injectors
Fuel pressure sensor
Maf sensor
Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Pcv hose
Iac valve
TPS sensor
Upstream o2 sensor
Downstream o2 sensor

Battery is good, I’m thinking of changing the alternator, but can you guys please help me out with this situation.


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