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Mar 10, 2008
Wheeling, IL
Evening All,

Looking to get some feedback.

My mom was involved in an accident on Friday, March 22nd. A truck carrying a large 3 foot metal sign got in front of her doing about 80 MPH and flew off and went through her car's front end.

Long story short, she called the owner from the sign, explained the situation, he cut a check for $500 and promised the rest shortly after.

Damage is over $1,200 and her car is not driveable.

He refused to give his insurance and drive's license info, and he kind of scared her "bigger guy, she is 110LBS".

She's been calling him, leaving messages, etc. No response.

Can she still file a police report? Is there anything that can be done other than small claims?

I know the normal things she should have done, and that is calling the police right then and there. Problem was, it was a highway and he kept going after the sign flew off. She did cash the check for $500 and now he is in the wind from what it seems after a few days of no response.

Thanks folks!

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