Does anyone here own a Maverick?


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Sep 27, 2020
I doubt I will ever see the one that I ordered last year without buying one at a local dealership at an outrageous price, so I set my eyes on other vehicles. Ford seems to be putting out erroneous information on the number of vehicles produced and constant excuses. The dealership I orderd from told me they sold 300+ last year and said they were quoted that for this production ramping up they were allotted a total of 6 and trying to find out why...and asked me to place additional requests through other dealerships as a backup. I decided it's not really worth it and will wait for other options since there seems to be several small pickup trucks now coming up within a year from some other manufacturers in addition to the Santa Cruz.

Ordered some vehicles from GM and hopefully some of them will eventually get a build number, one was the Caddy Lyriq AWD which I think will be delivered mid 2023 with the $7500 rebate. Their Equinox EV as a base SUV may be a good buy too as a roundabout if it gets around 300 on a charge. This may quality for the rebate too.

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