Difference between Billetflow, Accufab, and LFP Throttle bodies?


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Nov 28, 2006
Welding and porting a stock tb/plenum might show extra gains of 2 to 3 hp over one of my nonwelded but ported stock tb/plenums. In the end it's still a stocker and can only do so much. That's why I don't weld them to keep the cost down for customers.

A ported Dragon on an Eaton pushing say 17lbs or more of boost is worth 10-15hp over a ported stocker.

Or a ported stocker is good to about 520hp and after that a ported Dragon will beat it out every time. Anything under that hp and a ported stocker is as good as anything. Other than throttle response just like you said.:beer:

I tested a non ported stocker, ported stocker, ported Accufab, and a ported Dragon on the dyno and on my own car a while back. Pretty interesting stuff and here's the thread about with all the info.


I also just completely welded the inside radius of a Dragon plenum to where it was a complete straight shot to the blower and the inlet on the blower was as large as it could be. The car showed no gains at all over a regular ported nonwelded Dragon plenum and the regular inlet on the Race Port. I also did more work to the blower itslef too and it still showed zero gains on the dyno with all testing being done on the same day with the car staying strapped down.

Quoted myself to show the welded Dragon that was done a while back. Car showed no gains with it and a larger inlet on the blower. Ported Dragon with no weld is more than enough to supply our little Eaton's.

Straight shot from the throttle body to the inlet on the blower with pretty much no inside radius.


Stock Dragon no weld.

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