Contour won't crank after going through wiring harness


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Feb 1, 2016
So I bought a 98 svtc recently and it was running and driving had some issues and check engine lights but over all ran good. So i decided to redo the harness myself and the harness was in good shape to my surprise only had to fix fan ground and iat2 sensor. I tore the intake manifold down and cleaned everything injector harness was also good. So long story short i put everything back together and the car doesn't crank.... battery is good, starter and solenoid is good because I jumped the hot wire and it cranked fine and ran. I bypassed the clutch safety switch and still no start. When I do jump the grey wire from the fuse box to the starter car cranks and runs fine. I tested the wire when I crank as well it just doesn't get juice but I hear the starter relay click so I'm kinda searching for another option or sensor I might have overlooked that could be causing the car to not give juice to the starter solenoid??? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.

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May 7, 2018
Mesa, AZ
Check fuse box and pull the ignition fuse and verify it isn't blown. I had that happen to my car. Stopped at the store and turned the car off. Came out and had what sounds like the same issue. Went to the fuse box to find the fuse was blown. Went to a car repair center and they sold me one for $5.00. Found the real problem was the insulation on the starter wire insulation was burned through and shorting causing the real problem.

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