CHIZ's how-to lower your Lightning

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Oct 20, 2003
tools you'll need:

2 jackstands
1 hydrolic jack
1 pull handle
1 hammer
basic hand tools
a freind to help (makes it much easier)

Parts you'll need:

1 set of djm drop shackles (i chose 2" drop shackles)~$35
1 set of front springs (i also chose djm's 2" drop springs)~$120
total price shipped to your door $174:)

Installation of the rear drop shackles:

step 1: jack up the truck under the differential and place jacks on the frame near the back of the truck

step 2: after the jacks have been placed, let the differential drop down, releasing the pressure off the leaf springs

step 3: now find the stock shackles, and remove the two bolts holding them in place, one on top and one on the bottom.

step 4: after removing the stock shackle and bolts, get your new and much larger djm drop shackle and install the old bolts into the new shackle. *Make sure that your djm shackles are faced the same way as the stock ones were.* Now tighten all the bolts.
Now move to the opposite side and follow the same steps.

step 5: once again place your hydrolic jack under the differential and jack it back up, and remove the jackstands. now lower your truck back down, and your done.

*Installation time: 1 hour*

Installation of front coil springs:

Step 1:
place your hydraulic jack under the front of the truck, in a solid place, where you can jack the truck up as high as possible, and place your jack stands along the frame of the truck. one on each side.

Step 2:
remove the tire and rim, to reveal the break, disk, caliper, etc.

Step 3:
now take the hydraulic jack and place it under the a arm and jack it up as high as possible. doing this will compress the spring and allow you to have plenty of room when everything is lowered, to remove the stock spring, and installation of the new one.

Step 4:
start by removing the clips holding the break lines in place. one on top of the shock, and one on the control arm.

Step 5:
remove the top bolt ( place a deep socket on top of the bolt, and an open end wrench around the bolt hideing below it) and the two smaller ones on the bottom, that are holding the shock in place. Now that those are removed, remove the shock by slideing it out of the bottom.

Step 6:
now remove the ball joint nut

Step 7:
now remove the swaybar endlink nut
(maybe someone could photochop this and point out all the stuff that needs to be removed)

Step 8:
now slowly lower the jack so that the spring decompresses and everything bottom's out.

Step 9:
now take your hammer and begin beating on the portion that is connected to the ball joint, so that everything falls open. be sure to keep your jack under this, or the entire arm will fall to the ground.

Step 10:
Remove the stock spring and install your lowering spring in its place. be sure to take the rubber gromet and reinstall it on your new spring. make sure that the pig tails are facing towards the truck itself. *if not, this has caused squeaks and uneven lowering on both sides*

Step 11:
after installing the new spring, jack everything back up. here is where you use your friend. now take your shock and reinstall it the way it came out, while one of you are putting it through the hole, the other needs to guide it back to the top and bolt it back in place. as you are jacking everything up, make sure to line up the ball joint.
*pops tightning everything up*

Step 12:
tighten everything back up and start on the other side.
once you've done the other side, reinstall the rims and tires, and remove the jacks and lower it back to the ground, and your done!

Install time on the front springs 1hour-fifteen minutes



*note that i do not have the spare tire nor towing stuff on the truck, and the front springs will settle in after a month or so.

hope this helps
chiz :beer:
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