Change Your Sill Plate Color - UPDATE August 20.

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Apr 30, 2012
Thought I might post a little tutorial to help those who might want to change their sill plate colour. I know there's another thread around here, but they would have you cut the wires, my way doesn't require any wires being cut.
You'll need your sill plate, and a small, sewing needle.

1. The first pic shows the connector for the sill plate, and I've labeled the pinout with the various colours.

2. Red is the default. That is, power is applied to the red position. The way to change the colours is to move the metal pin associated with the colour you want, to the slot containing the red pin. So, using the needle, remove the "red" connector lock from the connector by prying up the sides, and sliding the "red" lock off the connector. Once you have the "red" lock like it is in the third picture, just give it a pull and it will come right off.



3. Now that the "red" lock is off we want to remove the "pin" associated with the colour we want the sill plate, and put it in the slot that houses the red pin. To do this, orient the connector so the metal pins are on the bottom, you will notice slots just above the metal pins that the "red" lock slid into to prevent the pins from coming out. Slide the pin in to the slot and push it down, it doesn't require a lot of force. Once you have push it down, you want to bend the pin towards you - so, you have to push down, and pull(bend) the pin towards you at the same time, while you are doing this pull the black wire associated with pin you want to remove. If the metal pin doesn't slide right out, with very little effort, then you need to adjust the pin - push, and pull(bend) - and pull on the wire again. Make sure you note the orientation of the pins, because they have to go back in the same way.


4. Once you have the pin associated with the colour you want your sill plate removed, you will then need to remove the pin associated with the red colour. Then simply swap the pin associated with the colour you want your sill plate into the slot for the red pin, and place the red pin into the slot of the colour you removed.

5. Finally, push the "red" lock back into the connector and then push it into place. Alll done.

UPDATE* - Thought I would add. It should be possible to change the sill plate colour to something other than red, green, or blue simply by using a small piece of wire as a jumper - for example, if you jumped the red pin with the blue pin you should get purple (magenta), red and green to get yellow, green and blue to get cyan......
Sorry, I forgot to add, that it should take you about 30seconds to swap the pins, after you get the first one out...

UPDATE* For those that would like to add a toggle switch to switch between the 3 colours.... You will need an ON-ON-ON switch like the one below.

In order to wire it, you need to wire it like in the little picture I made.
1. On the car side of the connector, remove the "Red" power wire from the connector, and tap into the wire, by soldering, a 3 lead pigtail.
2. Solder those pig tails to one side of the 3-way switch. They ALL must be on the same side.
3. Pull the red, green, and blue wires from the connector on the sill side, and tap into each of those with a wire extension, and solder those to the opposite side of the 3-way switch.
4. Plug the connector back into the car in order to maintain the ground.
5. Enjoy....


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