Camshaft upgrade on Boss 302

boss mt82 blues

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Jun 3, 2023
Has any one installed these?

*13mm Lift - 290 Duration

*13mm Lift - 263 Duration

Stock on the Boss I hear is:
*13mm lift and 263 duration

I'm planning on starting some mods to my LS soon, and want to stay N/A and make 500whp. All the threads I am seeing people definitely prefer the easy way. I don't see why 500whp can't be reached if AM got 440whp with full exhaust/intake/tb/tune. Now to locate that last 60... :read:

I saw this when I was trying to find out the tech specs on the Boss

Is this incorrect as far as the cam profiles?

I was reading an article in 5.0 about the new CJ and saw this:
"We tested some camshafts. The original Boss program had a 13mm-lift intake cam. That was pulled out of the program and they went back to a 12mm, so it's a common intake cam. We kept the original Boss intake cam in the Cobra Jet and we're going to offer it for sale in the catalog. We're using the stock Boss 260-duration intake cam, and then we are using a 290-duration exhaust cam that we developed with the mainstream guys. We're selling that cam as well," Robert explained

Read more: Cobra Jet 5.0 Engine - Coyote Jet - 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine

Kind of confused as to what cams are actually in the car after seeing all this
I know it's an old post exhaust 13 mm lift intake or 12 mm lift thought it was a 260 intake 263 exhaust and maybe the other way around I was under the impression the Cobra jet would be a 13 mm intake as well as exhaust and I thought it was a 290 and a 293 profile which was originally what they wanted for the boss but the bean counters at Ford decided against it it runs the exact same intake camshaft as the Mustang GT by the exhaust runs a bigger lift which is strange because exhaust flows faster than fuel you would think the increase would be on the intake whatever but it's not that great of an increase but when you couple it with the new Cobra jet intake and instead of long tube headers you can gain anywhere from 36 to 47 horsepower, A gifted tuner is a must, I have one and I always throw this idea around about putting the cams in there and long tubes I think $1275 for a composite intake is highway robbery I already have the boss intake I don't know, if you put that money into a supercharger you're already halfway there after you do this if you were to do the intake cams youve got to buy springs for the intake I believe so do some research to make sure you may not because of the high RPM they may have made it stiffer already the exhaust I know for sure they have but you're looking at over $4,000 for that alone, on three turbo systems for four five grand for single believe it or not the twin turbo is slightly cheaper so about 4700 to 5500 you can have a turbo system you still got to add tuner. Hellion has a really good kit boss specific twin turbo comes with a tuner you can turn it up or down from 600 to 1300 horsepower so to fast and fun to blowing the heads off the block that's a really nice kit they offer there's a lot of options the boss has a lot stronger internals it can handle a lot of abuse a lot more than the GT...

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