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Camp Steeda 2016 Recap!

Discussion in 'Steeda' started by [email protected], Jun 16, 2016.

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    Oct 13, 2011
    Hello All:

    Wanted to provide you with a little recap of what you may have missed if you didn't attend Camp Steeda - there is always Pony Wars coming up on October 22 at South Georgia Motorsports Park!

    The 15th annual Camp Steeda at Sebring International Raceway was a huge success! In collaboration with Track Guys Performance Driving Events, more than 120 participants (new drivers and seasoned drivers alike) ran the full course over the two-day event. Track Guys offers a combination of classroom education and real-world driving instruction. With four groups in total, there is sure to be a driving class suitable for everyone.

    We teamed up with Evan Smith from Mustang-360 to drive our stable of Steeda-equipped Mustangs throughout the event. This wouldn’t be the first time Evan got behind the wheel of our supercharged Steeda Q650 S550 – compared to last year’s event, our Q650 was now making more power (right around 700 rwhp) and was fitted with rear coilovers, refined front suspension, Hoosier slicks, big brakes and a few other upgrades. We were also really looking forward to seeing what our full-suspension 400rwhp Steeda EcoBoost S550 could do at the track, and how it stacked up against cars with twice the amount of cylinders.



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