Brackets are made. Who are your upsets.


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Nov 25, 2000
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Cannot believe UC is not in the tourney? Air Force is in over UC. WTF?

Plus, how in the hell is Tennessee a 2 seed over Gonzaga? Gonzaga should have been closer to a 1 seed than a low 3 seed. Feel bad for Gonzaga too because they are going to get knocked out in the first round by Xavier. :)

NO UC ! :cuss: What a joke. They were penalized for being in the big east. Couldn't give them nine bids I guess. Anyways this is the best time of the year. What do you think are going to be some upsets? I see UNC Wilmington beating Duke in the second round, and really do see Xavier giving Gonzaga a tough game. Xavier is extremely talented but have underachieved all year. Think they match up really well with them.

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