Best setting for fans to reduce a small knock retard?


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May 13, 2009
Tulsa, OK
Been working with my tuner for the last couple weeks trying to get a new tune design lined out, and power is crazy stupid for what's done (butt dyno) but I have a 2.5 degree KR between 5100-6000 rpm and then it stairsteps down to 1.5 at redline (7000 rpm).

Measured AFR is almost perfect, tune is commanding .85 at WOT and measured afr bank 1 and two are both .85-.86. My tuner is commanding 25 degrees of spark advance, but the KR is knocking it down to 23.

I'm not worried about the tune, just want to get my max effort. I'm in Oklahoma, and the gas here is pretty crappy right now since we are on winter blend.

My question is, what are you guys normally setting the fans at to get optimal performance to keep head temps down? I have heard some people doing 40% at 160 and then 100% at 185, but wanted to get some other feedback.

I have been tempted to grab some Torco and be done with it, but that shit gets expensive over time and don't want to rely it on.

Mods are JLT intake, Lethal Off-road H, GT500 axlebacks. 2011 A6 with 61k miles. Tuning for 91 Octane E10.

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