Aussie Boss Timing Help


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Sep 17, 2021
Hi all, new to this forum and need a little help with an Aussie Boss motor and thought this was a good place to ask being the birth place of the Mod Motors.

I had the dreaded stretched chain rattles and decided to swap them out myself and upgrade a little while in there.

My problem that I need some help with is it looks like somehow the cams have moved a little on me, possibly 2 teeths worth going by the chain timing marks.

The engine was stopped with the crank key resting at approximately 1 o'clock, had I known better I would of turned her over until she was back at 12. Except all the literature says turn counterclockwise and the timing chains tell me clockwise (going by the driven versus slack side) so I have not turned her at all.

I have installed new chains correctly marked as per the WS manual and with the marks correct on the cam sprockets the bottom mark misses the crankshaft sprocket mark by roughly 2 teeth.

So I have stopped and am seeking help from more knowledgeable people.

Where do I go from here?

Am I able to carefully turn the cams to line up those marks correctly? Or I'm in deep dodo?

Thanks for your help.


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