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Anyone ever install a midpipe on Ecoboost F150?

Discussion in 'Road Side Pub' started by RedRocketMike, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. RedRocketMike

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    Jan 18, 2007
    My brother drives a 12 Platinum and bought the CAI assembly, Catless Midpipe, T-Stat, Plugs, and tuner from Livernois. We figured 1 day would get it all done, we've got almost every tool known to man here, plenty of wrenching experience, but no lift. Way wrong. Everything else is easy, but the midpipe is a nightmare. The catless mid from Livernois came with no instructions, which was disappointing, and any real DIY threads seem to be non existent. The only thing I found which was helpful was a detailed comment on the AmericanMuscle site. Doesn't matter at this point though, it's out. Almost everything you undo has something in the way and seems to be torqued by Ford to 10,000 ft lbs. We've broken 3 flex joints thus far. On the driver side the studs came out of the turbo. They've been soaking for a couple days but still can't be separated. Everything was soaked with PB blaster prior to this also. There is all this sound deadening underneath that I'm wondering if it is a Platinum only item. If it wasn't there, getting onto the top flange bolts would be alot easier. As it is, even with the cross-member out and the transmount undone with the trans hanging down, you still almost don't have the clearance to access the one on the driver side.

    One other small issue, the cold air kit from Livernois has block off plate but no screws for it were included, but they show in the instructions. I called to get the right size from them. Talked to a polite guy who said no one has ever had that issue, but he would check their kits on the shelf and see what I'm missing. Half hour later he calls back, every kit on their shelf is missing the screws. He wonders why no one has called about it. I wonder why their installers haven't said anything about the missing parts, he said he would have to ask what they've been doing. He blamed the company who makes their kits, something about a recent change, and offered to try and source some replacements and mail them. I opted to just get them myself.

    If I have one suggestion it would be don't waste your time or money on a midpipe if you know someone who will cut the cats out and replace it with straight pipe. And Livernois should make sure you get some instructions with that $580 y pipe. You get nice detailed ones for the cold air, which a monkey could do with no instructions.

    I'm sure it will be worth the trouble, but you earn it.

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