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Adjust Shifter Pre-Load?

Discussion in 'MGW Shifters' started by SilverGT1, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. SilverGT1

    SilverGT1 Member Established Member

    Jul 13, 2017
    Cameron Park, CA
    I am running a MGW shifter with my TR3650 in my 2003 GT. I have had the shifter installed for a while now and was hoping this issue would go away with some break in use.

    I am hoping to find a way to reduce the spring pre-load. By this I mean the amount of natural force the shifter has built into it to kick to the right (toward passenger side).

    I am finding that if I get a little tired it is super, super easy to miss 1st - 2nd shift. Instead of ending in 2nd I hit 4th.

    I find I really have to pull the shifter firmly to the left to hit shifts right.

    Is there a way to adjust this for a little lower pre-load?

    It’s livable but would like to dedicate my concentration elsewhere when at the track.

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