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95 gt/saleen for sale

Discussion in 'SN95 Mustangs' started by from6to8, May 5, 2016.

  1. from6to8

    from6to8 Member Established Member

    Aug 18, 2015
    Charleston, SC
    Hello ladies and Gents I have a 95 that was hit in the rear and i bought it back and was going to fix it but it was deemed to have too much undercarriage damage than worth to fix for the time and everything. Looking at the car it looks fine and actually drives fine other than slight and rattle at the gearshift post accident. I'm thinking the driveshaft maybe was pushed forward a little bit. I drove it home about an hour from the accident. I bought another car pretty much a clone to mine and don't really need the other car. It can go for the right price. I thought about using it for parts which is still an option but I'd much rather just go ahead and get other suspension parts as I wanted to go coilover anyway. Prior to the accident I had just installed new Tokiko HP blue shocks and struts, had ball joints and bushings installed, sway bar end links and bushings, and new J&M rear control arms put on. Car also has welded in subframes, Eibach pro lowering springs and Hotchkis caster camber plates.

    Also polyurethane spring isolators as well. I have a lot of other parts as well for the car and will probably omit a lot of stuff that I took off at some point. The car was converted from a V6 to a GT. It was already a V6/Saleen with the body kit, spoiler and hood. Pro 5.0 shifter, white faced guage speedo cluster as well as Oil, Battery, and Temperature gauges on a 3 pod gauge cluster. Some interior pieces were painted red to match the car and also the AC/heater control has the white faced wall covering behind the knobs.n Had just upgraded to the Big 3 for the electrical and stereo system. I will go ahead and list everything now.

    95 Mustang GT/Saleen
    185 k miles

    Edelbrock performer rpm 2
    Custom Grind Cam courtesy of Shaun Harrelson in Texas( I'd have to ask again about the cam specs as they have their own race secrets [​IMG]
    TF Twisted Wedge heads with new springs, locks and retainers. ( Broken spring on no. 2 in 2014 and removed heads and had them both freshened up). Not many miles on car since fixed.
    FR 1.6 roller rockers
    Chrome Valve covers
    70 mm Professional products TB
    75 MM Pro M meter
    24 lb injectors
    fluid filled FP guage
    adjustable FP regulator
    255 lb hr FP
    Mac shorty headers
    Basani O/R X pipe without Cats
    2 chamber 40 series flowmasters
    BBK cold air kit

    New Timing Chain put on less than 10 k miles ago

    Car tuned by Chris Tuten in Columbia SC in around August of 2014
    300 RWHP 306 TRQ
    Saleen 18 inch chrome wheels that I will keep [​IMG] ...( But the car I bought has chrome 18 inch eagle Saleen look alikes that can go with the car.

    Also had just bought a New complete Saleen Kit authentic from Saleen in California because I was going to paint the whole car and the kit on there is in great shape but just didn't want the guy at body shop to have to spend time fixing little small blemishes that would end up being same cost as getting a new piece.

    2 Saleen SR 351 Race wings also. One can go with car the other or both are for sale.

    Chrome Strut tower brace
    Cobra clear headlights with clear corners
    Cervinis Ram air hood

    And I think that's about everything.
    The entire car will go for $5000.
    Located near Charleston, SC.

    Sorry a little dusty. Haven't driven/cleaned it since Aug. 2015 when it got hit.

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    Aug 12, 2008
    SW FL.
  3. from6to8

    from6to8 Member Established Member

    Aug 18, 2015
    Charleston, SC

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