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208 M3 vs 03gt

Discussion in 'Road Kill Drive-Thru' started by Stang4u2nv, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Stang4u2nv

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    Feb 15, 2019
    I'll play, took the car out this past sunday to a friends house we are working on completing his turbo gt build. On my way back i spot an m3 (beautiful car). I normally wont try and poke a dead body but i figured its sunday a quick stretch of the legs wont hurt so i follow him. As the road opens up ahead, i drive to his right side and slightly pass him giving some throttle so as to excite the other driver. Any ways im thinking drop it in third slowly achieve rpm and let him chase me. So i hear his turbos spool and nose come up. I go half throttle he is a solid 20mph over me. At this point he is almost door to door with me and i smash the throttle.... i quickly go into boost, wastegate is screaming and mickeys are crying. We were probably going 70mph when i smashed the throttle... im spinning third hit the limiter and grab forth at this point he was a solid 6 cars behind give or take so i let off. We get to the light he has that wtf look on his face. His response to me at the light was " damn you have very nice tires"... im thinking wtf is he talking about you have a 100k car... so i give him thumbs up and roll into the green. I grab second gear roll to about 40 and noticed his nose rose up again , he wants to play lol. Pedal second gear, powershift third and i am in spinning nation. Pedal third at this point he was so far behind i didnt grab fourth just coast. Its not much but it was a quick fun sunday in mexico.
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