2020 Shelby GT350 Resonator Delete H Pipe - Beefcake Racing Exclusive!


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Authorized Vendor
May 16, 2001
Cincinnati, OH
Alot of guys and gals have been asking for some time for more of a "muscle" sound vs rasp that comes with most of the resonator deletes.

LTH is a great exhaust company and has bridged that gap of USA quality, but about midway in price between all the other us manufacturers compared to their overseas counter parts. That is why we chose them to partner with to bring a product exclusive to Beefcake Racing that everyone has been begging for.

The LTH resonator delete is a USA made, 304 Stainless Steel part. It is a direct fit 2.75" H Pipe. This exhaust connects your factory headers and rear exhaust section. It can be used along with a the stock mufflers, aftermarket axle back, or a muffler delete for an inexpensive change in your car’s sound and performance.

Like all LTH products, it features a titan coating to keep it looking great for years to come, and also a Lifetime Warranty.

Like all resonator deletes, you will unbolt your factory pipe from the front and cut the rear, and then the LTH resonator delete will slip right over on the rear and use the factory connection points on the front. The modular design allows for use with all the OE components.

The best part is the price. H Pipes are usually a few bucks more than x pipes, but the LTH comes in at $342.95 and free shipping. over 14% off other brand X Pipes.

Lead Times
As we have been working on this behind closed doors and doing pre orders, the first round will be shipping by next Friday at the latest 2/4. We have around 5-7 left out of the first batch available still.

The 2nd batch will be shipping by 2/18.

Where to buy
As this is exclusive to us, the only place to buy is from our site. Lth will be adding it to theirs once production items start shipping next week, but it will be a link to our site.

LTH H Style Resonator Delete (16-20 GT350) FDRD00004T

Here is a picture of the design along with their comparable x pipe so you can see the finish.



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