2014 or 2015 F-150 5.0 Coyote swap for Supercharged 2014 Mustang GT?


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Jan 31, 2018
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Hello guys, I had an honest question here and wasn't able to find an answer after briefly browsing the forums.

I drive a 2014 2.9L Whipple Supercharged GT and recently blew the motor on it running it @ 11psi. I'm considering on buying a motor from a Wrecked 2014 or 2015 F-150 but had some concerns. I read that the F-150 5.0's come with an extra mounted oil cooler/ that the front Cover moves the alternator further to the side.

Will this cause the motor to not fit properly in my 2014?
Will I be forced to use the F-150's Intake manifold/Exhaust Manifold or will the Mustang's Intake manifold/Exhaust Manifold be recommended instead since I'll have both?
Do I need any extra parts in order to do the swap?

I also read that the F-150 5.0's have a lower compression ratio, If i stick to 8psi on my Whipple do you think the motor would hold up to the abuse?

Should I be worried on supercharging the F-150 motor?

Also was curious if the 2015 F-150 also has the Forged connecting rods like the Mustang counter part. If it does then I should be better off buying a 2015? Please help me out.

Thank you all in advance!
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