2013 Taurus Sho advice, the good the bad, any shouts of despair?


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Dec 6, 2021
carmel, IN
Just bought a 2013 SHO used as an additional car. I new I had a trip coming to Detroit so I put on a new set of 20” Michelin PIlot Sport AS 4 tires. I was skeptical of the claim that it performed well in snow but I did not want to have 2 sets of wheels and tires for this vehicle. I also decided to stop by Livernois Motorsports for a tune, new plugs, and a 3bar sensor. I was amazed at the difference I saw immediately with the tune alone. The car seems so much more responsive and the power delivery is smoother at all RPMs. I continued my journey to Mackinaw City through nasty weather, slush, ice, snow, and wet roads for 3hrs. I was pleasantly surprised at how composed the SHO was in high winds with varying road conditions. The heaviness of the vehicle, power delivery, and traction made me feel very secure that the vehicle was not going to look for a ditch. The NVH of the SHO is awesome. For a nine year old car with 144,000 miles, it drives hushed with out a single rattle. The double panes windows help make it extra quite. I bought this vehicle as a winter car and am very pleased at the value that the Ford SHO provides. I would even say that at the sticker of $47K, a Ford Taurus SHO is a compelling value.

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Oct 14, 2010
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U forgot about the Mafia trunk. Best feature the car offers. Could fit like 4 grown men in there.

I just put some Pilot Sport 20 inch AS on my Trackhawk and I have to say its really an amazing tire. 2.8 second 0-60 in 40 degree temps really impressed me.


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Sep 6, 2011
The water pumps can leak dumping coolant into the crankcase due to the placement behind the front cover. Something to be aware of. Make sure to change the ptu fluid too. Also if you live anywhere with humidity the intercooler can accumulate water and cause issues under load. People have drilled small holes in the bottom of the intercooler to allow water to drain out.

I had a 14 police interceptor with the ecoboost, it was pretty much a low optioned sho. That thing was badass, even in stock trim it moved pretty good. I work in corrections and live pretty far from my facility. I got the car because I wanted decent mileage and enough room to sit comfortably with my duty gear on. In that aspect, it was not comfortable and getting in and out wasn’t fun so I went back to a crown vic. That’s probably not very helpful but thought I’d throw it out there.

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