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2013 9/11 Patriot Run!

Discussion in '2013-14 Shelby GT500' started by Devious_Snake, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Devious_Snake

    Devious_Snake PSR Major! Established Member

    Dec 25, 2011
    This is a late post but for anyone in the south/west part of florida there is a great event my local club puts on every year. We do a cruise/run in tribute to 9/11. Over the last couple years our charity of choice is the Wounded warriors project. All money raised goes to them. The run begins with staging/registration, cruise, car show at the Holiday Isle hotel in Isla Morada, raffle/auction and after party. Just an all around good time for a great cause. Here are some details:

    1) Staging - Staging is NOT at Towers this year and will be at Tropical Park located just of 826 South and SW 40th Street (Bird Road) in Miami. The main reason for this is due to budget cuts, we are not able to get complimentary Police escorts and we do not want the liability of 150-200 cars on such a long cruise. In addition, the event has grown so large that we have found that the Police escort actually works against us in some ways as the slow pace and constant stop and goes cause rear-ending type accidents almost every year. Staging closer to the actual event will allow a little more time for our "Northern Folk" to get down and we will be able to leave about 30 minutes later than usual. I am quite confident that several people will develop some "Patriot Runs" of their own to get to the staging area

    Staging will begin at 8:30AM.

    2) Parking at Holiday Isle - Last year we did NOT have the center parking lot reserved like previous years and it was a parking disaster for us. This year we will have the center parking lot roped off and will be able to fit a lot more cars together. "Mustang Beach" which turned out to be "Camaro Beach" last year due to the lack of parking will be reserved largely for vendors to have their tents and cars on display. A small part may be made available depending on how many vendor spaces we sell.

    3) After Party - For those that have been around for some years, the after party has always been one of the major attractions to the event. In previous years it would start at my ground floor water front suite and grow from there. Problem was we would always fight with security because they hated that we brought our own booze and socialized on their grounds. This year we have rented the Presidential suite which is on the top floor of the main building and is huge. It has wrap around balconies on all four corners and we can pretty much do what we want. For a small fee we will be providing free beer via a keg and you will be able to bring your own booze. We will have a live DJ and the place is ours until the WEE hours! (highly suggest you have a room).

    4) Raffle Items - This year we are trying the silent auction again and will make it under the pavilion so people can bid and still be close to all the action. A lot of people loved being able to bid on items they actually need and want and Camaro guys didn't end up with a set of Ford Racing gears and vice versa. We will still have several high ticket items up for raffle, but this will negate the 3 hours it typically takes to get through all the raffle items.

    We know some will like these changes and some will not, but please trust your committee has been working as hard as possible to make this better every year, and at the same time facing ever changing Tides.

    Let us not forget the spirit of why we are doing this in the first place and we are looking forward once again to an amazing time for an amazing cause!

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