2013 5.0 clutch issues

DD2013 5.0

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Aug 10, 2013
Lebanon OH
I have a 2013 m6 5.0 that I recently added a JHR clutch line and NGW shifter. When pressing the clutch at high RPM (anything over 6k rpm) there is a vibration/pulse feeling in the peddle. Also with the car running in neutral with the clutch out there is a slight howl. Pressing the clutch makes this go away. I've tried running the car 1 time at the track but it wouldn't shift into 3rd. Strait locked out. Hence the change to a MGW and line. The car has always been clunky in the drive line. I daily drive this car with the occasional sprinted driving. I have a bad feeling the clutch or throw out are bad? What should I do? Take it in to the dealer and see if I can get it fixed under warranty or just replace everything with aftermarket parts and be done? Or jyst keep driving it until something really fails? Idk what to do? I can get a exedy clutch kit and fly wheel pretty cheap. I've also considered trading it for a 2014 with an auto trans as I only plan or drag racing this car
What are everyone's thoughts comments suggestions? I can do the clutch install my self. But the crank re learn is something ford will have to do

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