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Discussion in 'S-197 Mustangs' started by WindEvilGT, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. WindEvilGT

    WindEvilGT New Member Established Member

    Oct 26, 2016
    Los Angeles
    When I bought this car, I was looking for two things; windveil blue and a manual transmission. I've owned this car for about two years and in that time all I've had to do is change the starter motor once and the oil(I change it every 2,500-3,500 miles)
    When I got this car, I wanted to make it a very track focussed machine.
    The suspension and brakes are done. At the track, the new GT350's have trouble keeping up in the turns. It blows the doors off Porsche's, BMW's and certainly most other mustangs.
    The only thing this car lacks is serious power.
    That's why I got a second 4.6L 3V and started piecing together a "Department of Boost" kit. I had plans to send the second 4.6L 3V to MMR to have it built with forged internals as well as new cams and a few other things. The only thing I haven't bought is the Department of Boost manifold.
    I chose to go with Department of Boost over any of the other supercharger companies for two main reasons. First, the Department of Boost manifold allows you to put any of the big GT500 superchargers onto the 4.6L and then have MASSIVE power. Second, the kit is half the price of most other kits and has more power potential. So, to me, it just seemed to make sense.
    I chose to put this car up for sale because I don't use it like I used to. This car was my daily for a while but now I only use it on the weekends.. and that's if I'm lucky!
    Plus, I want to get something else. Perhaps an older Mustang or a notch..
    With this gone, I'll have the cash freed up for when the right thing comes along...

    The car has:

    FRPP 4 piston Brembo front brakes
    FRPP Upgraded front+rear rotors
    Don Richardson Watts Link
    SCCA/NHRA legal roll bar (9 sec.)
    FRPP Boss 302S rear upper control arm
    FRPP rear lower control arms
    FRPP front lower control arms
    FRPP strut tower brace
    FRPP sway bars front+rear
    Don Richardson brake booster brace
    GT500 struts with mounts front+rear
    BMR handing springs
    (Lowered 1.5")

    GT500 X-pipe
    Straight piped with SLP loudmouths
    Brand new:

    Kenwood DDX790 head unit
    Alpine Type R/Infiniti Kappa speakers
    Simpson 5 point racing harnesses driver+passenger
    Bullitt shifter
    New carpet
    New steering rack/tie rod ends

    Nitto NT555 extreme tires
    (4 months old) 255/45/18 square stance

    Driver seat has some rips
    Rear interior is currently out of car but saved all the pieces and seats.

    GT500 rear bumper
    GT500 side skirts
    CDC classic chin splitter
    New front bumper without license plate holes

    Also have extra 4.6 3V with 43k miles that comes with the car that also has
    GT500 supercharger
    GT500 throttle body
    GT500 intake assembly
    GT500 heat exchanger
    47lb fuel injectors
    As well as many other parts
    The only thing needed to complete a "department of boost" kit is the department of boost manifold.

    196k miles
    Runs and drives perfect
    Every suspension and brake component has <5k miles on them and was brand new when put on car.
    Clean title in my name
    Adult owned/non-smoker
    Located in LA
    Center console signed by Ken Block. He also gave me the [HOONIGAN] sticker.

    $8500 OBO for car by itself
    $1500 for engine by itself
    $1500 for Supercharger set up
    $10000 for everything as a package
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  2. WindEvilGT

    WindEvilGT New Member Established Member

    Oct 26, 2016
    Los Angeles



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  3. WindEvilGT

    WindEvilGT New Member Established Member

    Oct 26, 2016
    Los Angeles
    Bump... still for sale
    Motivated to sell

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