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03 Sonic Blue Coupe, built motor, tasteful mods, 66k on body. CLEAN!

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by Rubenk, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Rubenk

    Rubenk Wasn't me. Established Member

    Sep 23, 2007
    Alright folks, i'm looking to go a different direction so i'm posting up the Cobra. This isnt a "must sell", but i'm ready to move on. I've had the car since September 2013. Always garaged, never seen winter weather, salty roads, or snow of any sort since I had it. I havent had it on any tracks, just a fun cruiser.

    Previous owner had the car for 7 years, and did 99% of the work to it. I have put new BFG KDW II's on the rear, a Ford alternator, and resealed the diff since owning it.

    Basic rundown of the mods completed by the previous owner, with all paperwork to back it up. I have a 3 ring binder full of documents.

    MMR 900 built motor
    2.76 blower pulley and metco idlers
    2# lower pulley
    Liberty 26 spine transmission input shaft
    Zone 5 Modified FPDM
    Ford GT Fuel pumps
    60lb Injectors
    Bassani Offroad X-pipe with Magnaflow cat-back (I have the factory h-pipe too)
    Autometer Wideband O2 and steering column gauge pod
    Spec Stage 3+ clutch
    Solid IRS bushings with IRS Brace
    Subframe Connectors
    18" Replica Cobra wheels, 9" up front and 10.5" rear
    Steeda Tri-ax shifter

    Tuned with SCT XCal 2 and put down 492hp/502tq, with dyno graphs. The PO claimed they backed the tune down after the dyno, and I have had it on the dyno to verify it is sitting at 451hp. I suspect just a bit of timing would have it right back up around 500.

    The front bumper cover does have a few rock dings, but with a clean wash you cannot tell until you are very close. A respray on the hood and bumper cover would make this a very very clean car. I get lots of looks and compliments any time I take it out!

    These photos are after a good friend did a top to bottom detail and paint restoration. He is the best of the best, does all of the high-end exotics here in town and really knows his stuff.


    The car sounds and drives great, I love driving it! I am located just outside Kansas City, MO. I would like $21,500. I know it has some miles, and you can buy 700hp twin-screw cars for this, but I believe it is a good starting point for a very clean car with a properly built motor and solid history.
  2. Rubenk

    Rubenk Wasn't me. Established Member

    Sep 23, 2007
    Bump for my regional thread. The post in the main marke has more discussion, link in sig.

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