FOR SALE: 01 cobra front bumper


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Nov 24, 2018
01 cobra front bumper for sale. I honestly don't know what is fair price is for this so I'm just throwing a number up there and am OBO on the price. The bumper is in overall good condition but the catch is I live in Hawaii. My driveway is on a hill and really steep so I had to take my bumper on and off constantly so I put two small quick latches on the sides of the bumper. I use a freight forwarder for bulky items but it does take a little longer since it goes by boat instead of plane.

Since I'm not sure if anyone will want this because of the distance, I would like to ask for a week to get it ready for shipping if someone does want it so i can pack it nicely, and I don't really wanna go thru the hassle of finding a proper shipping box and wrapping it up unless there's interest in it.

I don't know what shipping will cost yet because I need a address to get a accurate shipping quote, but I am willing to split the shipping cost with the buyer. Not many new edges around here anymore, so it's either deal with shipping or Itll just collect dust and id rather see it go to someone that wants it. Preferably someone on the west coast tho because of shipping cost.

Just to give you a idea on shipping I got my longblock from Missouri, shipped to my doorstep for 275, and it took 4 weeks but that was a couple of years ago and before covid craziness and this is a bumper which would take up more space so it would most likely be more expensive than shipping a motor.

I know I've been away from the site for a while, but if it helps I do have excellent ebay selling history with a good amount of high dollar sales completed with no problems, which I can show if it makes anyone interested feel better about buying something from me.

Throwing a number out there, 1600 obo plus split the cost of shipping. Remember I need a shipping address to get a accurate quote and lead time from the freight forwarder. PayPal is accepted just cover the fees.

Lmk if you have any questions


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