torch red

  1. WinnipegGuy

    Pictures of torch red verts with tint please

    Looking to tint my windows on my 10th anniversary torch red vert. If someone’s done it before please post a picture for me and let me know the tint %. Thank you in advance.
  2. sonichedgehog

    2002 Torch Red Lightning

    2002 Red Lightning FS: I will post more pictures very soon. Located in Memphis, TN. $15,200 OBO -Clean Carfax, never had an accident -The truck has lived its whole life in the South-east. Never been up north. No rust what-so-ever. -142,965 Miles -100% Bone Stock Mechanically (except Magnaflow...
  3. D

    04 Torch Red coupe.... TN.... Cheap!

    04 cobra very clean 15000 firm 124000 on chassis Fresh engine build with paperwork Located in camden, Tennessee. 0 accident 4 owner car Outside 9 out of 10 Inside 9 out of 10 Contact at 615 354 4454
  4. 9

    BNIB Jlt performance highboost Torch red

    03-04 Cobra parts forsale All parts new in brand new boxes $275 shipped jlt high boost TORCH RED intake Decided to go with a crusher inlet blower David 305-878-9129 Pics of intake for reference
  5. D

    Looking to buy your Terminator Cobra

    I will be buying a TERMINATOR cobra come spring time here in Minnesota! Just curious what my options are! My top dollar it $17k and will be flying or driving to see the car and would like to know everything upfront! Preferably looking for a Black, Torch Red, or Sonic Blue.. Must have less...
  6. M

    WTB Mach 1 Torch Red preferred

    Looking for a Torch Red Mach 1, mostly stock preferred in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California, or neighboring states. Torch Red has a special place in my heart so definitely preferred but open to other colors within reason.
  7. N

    Rio red and torch red paint, close enough to mix?

    I have a Rio red 99 cobra, and I really want to upgrade the wing mirrors to nicer looking, preferably red mirrors. I wonder If anyone can answer this for me; If I were to buy MMD torch red mirrors, would they stick out from the Rio red body or blend in? Or does anyone know where to get Rio...
  8. T

    2003 torch red vert 12k miles - located in NEW YORK

    selling 2003 cobra 12k original miles never crashed or painted tastefully modified: bassani catless x pipe and bassani x stainless catback; 2.9 pully; cold air intake;car has been dyno tuned and comes with all paper work. h&r supersport springs; bnh shorthrow shifter; ford racing diffcover...
  9. J

    For Sale: 2003 10th anniv. Torch Red Vert 603whp

    Hey everyone, selling my 2003 Torch Red Convertible. Asking price $21,000. Two owner car with only 59,421 miles on it. Always garaged never seen snow and hardly any rain. The previous owner put about 20k worth of mods into the car (professionally installed and tuned) including: 2.3L whipple K&N...
  10. R

    2004 Torch Red Cobra for sale

    Hello I am selling my 2004 Torch Red Cobra $25,000 17,xxx miles Engine is rebuilt and rated to hold 800-900 horsepower safely by MPR here in Boynton Beach, FL ($7,000) Pioneer double-din touch screen dvd player, rear view camera, proximity sensors, shock sensors, viper alarm system...
  11. leal918

    WTB 2003 TR Mach 1 Shell/Roller

    I am looking to buy a 03/04 TR Mach shell (mine is wrecked and don't want to repair if i can find a shell, saves work), don't want engine/tranny/rear-end/seats/harnesses etc. looking for a shell around the Oklahoma area and neighboring states. PM me or post a rep. thanks for looking.
  12. KyleSVT

    Torch Red 03 Cobra Black Rims???

    Torch Red 03 Cobra Black Rims HELP??? Hey guys could you post some pictures of your torch red 03-04 cobras with any style black rims...I'm debating on getting some but want to know how they look..thanks!
  13. MachONEderboy

    Afghan $$$$ put to work. TR Mach on classics

    Finally back from deployment, and spent about 2/3's of my leave tinkering with the Mach 1. finally installed; h&r SS(1iso front, both in back), bumpsteer, x2 ball joints, MM CC plates, bilstein HD shocks/struts, FRPP driveshaft, corbeau forza seats, corbeau retractable harnesses, new JLT CAI...
  14. Fan_ofny

    NC-03 Auto Torch Red FS

    2003 Mustang Mach 1 with ~32,000 miles on the odometer. Has been shelter kept during rain, bad weather. Has a number of clean modifications including Borla Stinger Catback, Magnaflow Off Road X Pipe, (Still have original catted H Pipe with sale) JLT RAI, SCT 93 Octane Tune, AFS Mach 1 rims 17x9...
  15. 9

    WTB: 2004 Comp Orange or Torch Red Cobra

    I would like to find a 2004 Competion Orange or Torch Red cobra. Coupe. I would prefer the stockest possible. Intake exhaust and pulley are fine as long as you have the stock parts. Anything under 60K miles is fine, I wouldn't mind driving, i have a truck and trailer. im located in Miami...
  16. bubbrubb

    2003 Torch Red 10th Anniversary Coupe - 15k, built motor, true forged, very clean!

    Well, it looks like I am going to have to list this publicly now – the buyer for my car has just backed out for his own financial reasons today. The car is 1 of 365 Torch Red 10th anniversary edition coupes, with 15,293 miles on it. sold Pictures to keep your attention: Front 3/4: Rear 3/4...
  17. Termi 03

    have CASH for 03 TR 10th COUPE!!!!

    all the ones ive found have been sold.. im going out of town tomorrow for the 45th anniversary mustang show in Birmingham when i get back im looking to buy one quick before the 25th... send me what you have... want low miles and torch red and a fast Termi thats not ran down.... KB is also GOOD...
  18. Termi 03

    2003 Torch Red 10th Anniversary WANTED!

    im looking for a 03 torch red 10th anniversary Termi.. i cant find one anywhere!!! NOOO CONVERTIBLES!!! has to have the stock rims and seats... i would like to find one stock but show me what you have... mileage doesnt matter as long as it looks good.. i want one that hasnt been REAMED out...