1. G

    Front Door Speaker Upgrade

    So I finally decided to upgrade my front door speakers, and let me tell you, I wish I could go back in time and do this years ago. Such an incredible difference even just using the stock amplifier and head unit. I have a 2013 Mustang GT with the ShakerPro Sound system. I upgraded the door...
  2. ace72ace

    Complete 2013 Boss 302 audio system upgrade

    It's widely known that the OEM audio system in the 2012/2013 Boss Mustang is the cheapest and lowest quality available for a Mustang. Not knocking Ford for this, this model is touted as 'a race car with a license plate', so anyone who expects good tunes from the factory will be in for a big...
  3. SVT03Chris

    ~Infinity Crescendo CS3007 Speakers~

    Selling these for my folks. They bought them back in the mid 90s and were one of the best speakers out then. These specific ones (CS3007) were the best selling in the Crescendo line and priced at $1,250. These are in VERY, VERY good condition. They DO NOT show signs of wear/tear for being 15+...