competition orange

  1. Go on 3

    FOR SALE: 2004 Cobra clone, Whipple 4.0, 1000+ RWHP

    2004 Mustang Cobra clone with 4.0 Whipple crusher 1000+RWHP Competition Orange Interior -Air bag, radio delete. -Innovate AFR/Boost gauges/Trans temp and volts gauge -Custom console shifter delete -Battery box relocated to the trunk. Optima battery Exterior -Cowl hood -New front bumper...
  2. U

    wtb 04 cobra competition orange

    looking for a competition orange 2004 cobra, wanting one stock with good miles, preferably 3 owners or less and either coupe or convertible. thanks in advance
  3. C

    WTB 03/04 Mach 1, especially 04 CO Mach

    In the market for a manual 03/04 Mach 1. Car must have a clean title (no R title or Lemon Law cars). Mainly looking for Competition Orange Mach 1's but will consider all other colors for the right car. Looking to spend up to $14,000 max. Located in Ohio and willing to travel for the right car.
  4. A

    2004 Mustang Cobra Coupe - Competition Orange

    Putting my car up for sale. I've had it for a few years now, and I think it's time someone else enjoy her. Here are some details: 2004 Mustang Cobra Coupe ~4,500 Miles Minor Modifications (Flowmaster Mufflers, B&M Shifter, lowered 1", Miscellaneous Steeda parts, including interior...
  5. Max97COBRAtkd

    04 Comp Orange Vert "Big Bad Orange" Partout

    ***CAR WITH HOOD AND RIMS SOLD*** THANKS SVTP! Parts List 19k mile 04 Cobra Motor (Metco double bearing idlers, Thump Tensioner, new 160amp alternator with 3.2" pulley, 2.8" upper pulley, 4# lower pulley, Head cooling mod modified with braided lines, powdercoated blower, powdercoated valve...
  6. Max97COBRAtkd

    Car is Everything I've Ever Wanted and MORE...

    I must say, this car is amazing in every way. I ran into a few trip ups at first with some items like alternator going out, various squeaks, etc. All has been fixed now and this car runs, drives, and looks amazing. This is my 3rd 03/04 Cobra and 2nd Comp Orange Vert and it is by far the best...

    03-04 Mach 1 hood with shaker setup

    Wts a Mach 1 hood with shaker setup with 43k miles. Comp Orange great condition. $1000 obo pickup only. Located in Newark,OH
  8. Comporg

    Feeler: 2004 mustang comp org GT

    This is just a feeler. I may wanna sell my mustang due to needing an AWD vehicle and a useable backseat. It was originally a 2004 competition orange mustang V6. I had it converted to a 4.6 2v t3650 5 speed. Motor came out of a 2000 mustang GT with 49k miles currently has 54k miles on the clock...
  9. kxt

    Competition Orange GT sounds off to the tune of STINGERS Don't forget to thumbs up and share!
  10. pridemore54

    Any Sonic Blue or competition orange Cobras for sale?

    I have a 2004 Sonic Blue Roush but I really want a termi in one of those colors. anyone know of one available?
  11. HooperWest

    11 sec c/o Cobra From the DaSilva Racing TRACK DAY @TMP April 30, 2015
  12. D

    2004 Competition Orange Vert

    Hampton, VA Area Price starts at $26000.. open to offers This is a stock cobra. Motor has been untouched, there is a pioneer head unit installed with the car. (stock head unit will come with car) The shift knob has been changed out but I still have the original. The supercharger pulley cover...
  13. HooperWest

    COMP Orange COBRA vs COYOTE 1/4 Mile
  14. Comp_04

    Looking to buy xxr 526

    I need xxr 526 black chromium. 18x10.5 in the back and 18x9 in the front please text me at 2103864409 or 2106879584 thanks a lot I also need tires but rims would be fine
  15. Comp_04

    Any body have 555r 315/35/r20

    I need some brand new or almost brand new nitto 555r 315/35/r20 I just need 2 for the back thanks
  16. Skylar

    Anyone have a Cobra R bumper?

    I have a Competition Orange 2004 V6 Mustang and I'm thinking about getting a 2000 Cobra R bumper. Has anyone installed one on their ride? I'd love to see it on a Comp. Orange, but any color will suffice. All pictures are appreciated. Thanks
  17. Dragu1a

    Looking for an '04 Cobra, Comp Orange

    I realize a lot of people are looking for these cars and there weren't very many made. I'm pretty new to the forum, so I was hoping some of the veterans on here knew some people that knew some people. I've been looking around on my own for a while w/no success so i figured i'd ask for some...
  18. L

    just a few pics of my CO cobra, and cts-v

    finally got the cobra out of storage last week. fig'd id snap a few pics of it along with my cts-v (DD)
  19. 9

    WTB: 2004 Comp Orange or Torch Red Cobra

    I would like to find a 2004 Competion Orange or Torch Red cobra. Coupe. I would prefer the stockest possible. Intake exhaust and pulley are fine as long as you have the stock parts. Anything under 60K miles is fine, I wouldn't mind driving, i have a truck and trailer. im located in Miami...
  20. M


    Hey there all... YES this IS my first post lol... I have been lurking in the shadows for some time though... so if you've ever had a creepy feeling that someone was watching you while you were sitting at home by yourself on SVTP... it was probably me lol... I am looking for either a CO Vert or...
  21. L

    Whats it worth? '04 CO Coupe

    have been considering selling my cobra...really want to get a diesel truck for a DD and to haul my toys, and work as well. That and this car just isnt practical for me since i am purchasing a house this spring. Not too sure what its worth since the CO cars are pretty rare..heres the specs: '04...