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  1. battchief05

    Nitto NT05’s $350

    Nitto NT05’s. 315/35/20 Approximatey 2K Miles. No burnouts. Driven to car shows only on nice days. Replacing them just to change the look for next year. Located in Shelby Twp. Michigan North of Detroit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. battchief05

    Scott Drake Billet Hood Mount Kit

    If anyone has these for sale or knows where I can purchase this kit please let me know. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. battchief05

    2013 GT500 Pre Production Mystery

    So I receive my GT500 Certificate anticipating the normal production breakdown stats. The only info,my certificate contained was that my Shelby is a certified pre production vehicle with a build date of 4-4-2012, approximately 1 month before regular production was initiated. The additional sheet...
  4. battchief05

    Which size resonators?

    I have Kooks Long Tubes, Catted O/R X-Pipe with Flowmaster chambered 50's. I love the muscle sound but there is a little too much rasp from the x-pipe. I really only want to get rid of the rasp. Will 12" resonators do the job or should I go with the 18"? Thanks.
  5. battchief05

    NMRA Spring Break Shootout @ Bradenton Pics

    A few of the entries were track testing today for the Spring Break Shhootout @ Bradenton Raceway: [IMG]http://
  6. battchief05

    Looking for 20 more RWHP

    I added LTs, Catted X-Pipe, 2.4 Pulley, JLT CAI, and SCT Tune to my 13 GT500. On the Dyno the result was 680 RWHP. I'm looking for 700. I plan on swapping out the Throttle Body and Inlet Tube along with an oil separator. What other Bolt-Ons would give me 700?? I've been around the forum for a...