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  1. J

    Black '04 Coupe. Washington. Testing the waters

    Just looking to see if there is any interest on this website. I have a 2004 black coupe. The odometer reads 60,000 miles, how ever everything that is currently installed on the car was installed at 54,500 including the new ford remanufactured engine. I have absolutely no desperation what so ever...
  2. J

    98 Cobra tune and exhaust leak questions

    So last night I helped a buddy install his new exhaust setup for his 98 cobra. He went with a BBK X pipe along with an SLP cat back. First question is how does he go about addressing the exhaust leak he has? The exhaust leak is coming from the passenger side exhaust manifold. We tried to...
  3. J

    Cleaned the terminator real good for the first time in a long time

    Figured I'd snap some shots while it's clean. I already know I'll get a 50/50 love/hate on my mach hood but I personally love the looks of it. I did the mach hood to make the car different. I got tired of going to meet ups and seeing clone after clone of my car. So now if any one wants to have...
  4. J

    This is why you should monitor your IAT2's...

    This is the exact reason why I highly recommend getting a set of these aero force gauges to monitor your IAT2s. I hopped in my car tonight to take it for a drive and my IAT2's were staying up around 140 degrees. Normally they stay between 80-100 depending on the temperature outside. What...
  5. J

    WTT MMR Cobra Embroidered rear seat delete for 2004 rear seat

    What the title says. I'm looking to trade my MMR rear seat delete for a 2004 rear seat. Wanting to do local only, I'm in Washington state. The seat delete is in great condition. It's around 2 years old now I believe. Not looking to sell as OEM seats rarely go for sale locally.
  6. J

    What does it take to do a compression check? Read first..

    Stumbled across this posting on craigslist. IF the engine was holding good compression in all cylinders i might consider jumping on this car What all does it take to do a compression test? Meaning what has to be in place to do it? The trans...
  7. J

    Terminator Taboo.. Mach hood is offically on ;)

    Had to share the pictures of the hood i just put on. I personally think it looks badass as hell on my car. I've always thought about putting a mach hood on my car and so many were saying no its a retarded idea, and my thoughts have always been why is it ok to say "Oh i can put a Cobra R hood...
  8. J

    A/C hasn't been working ever since Re man engine swap

    Just curious if any of you may have a clue as to whats causing my A/C not to work. I did not pop any A/C lines when i did the engine swap, so i wouldn't think the A/C needs to be recharged. Is there any specific fuses i should look for?
  9. J

    Switch Mach Hood? Read first..

    Switching to Mach 1 hood So i've always tossed this idea around to switch over to a Mach hood. Why? Because the current terminator hood that is on my car is damaged and i dont really want to pay to have it fixed with the possibility of it not fitting as it should after being fixed. Damage...
  10. J

    2.9 or 2.3?

    Alright so i've done alot of reading on this subject and would just like additional input from people. The last "big" mods i will be doing with my car will be a return style fuel system and blower. Money is not going to be an issue, i want the best of the best. I've always leaned more...
  11. J

    My McLeod RXT install - 03/04 cobra

    McLeod RXT install - 03/04 cobra If any one has any questions about their install, feel free to send me a PM and i can try to help with the knowledge i gained from my install. Parts installed: McLeod RXT McLeod Steel Flywheel McLeod Retainer Sleeve McLeod Adjustable Pivot ball Stock TOB (i...
  12. J

    Mcleod RXT - difficult to get into gears, cant get in reverse

    Alright well i've taken my transmission in and out probably 4 or 5 times in the last few days, and i am pretty much stumped at this point. As of right now this is how everything is set: Shimmed 26 spline input shaft with .034 thick shim. This gave me about .003 end play. Within the spec...
  13. J

    Tires spinning when clutch pedal is all the way pressed? (adjusting clutch setup)

    In the middle of adjusting my clutch cable. Just got done installing my new input shaft, retainer sleeve, throw out bearing, twin disc clutch, flywheel, and pilot bearing. I currently have the car on jack stands. When i put the car into gear and press on the clutch all the way the tires...
  14. J

    Just wanting to double check my 26 spline input shaft install

    Ok so i just finished up torquing down everything. I'm getting very little to no end play. I can pull on it as hard as i can and the largest reading i was getting was .001 for end play. The input shaft spins freely in both directions with a small amount of side to side play. Do you all think i'm...
  15. J

    Does this have anything to do with the T56?

    Installing my input shaft right now, and saw this little deal roll across the floor. Is this part of the T56?
  16. J

    Twin disc clutch porn (McLeod RXT)

    Just snapped a few shots of my install.. enjoy. People who have never done a clutch before and are hesitant to do it, dont worry what so ever. Clutches on these cars are the easiest thing to install its ridiculous! Even this twin disc was simple as can be! New Flywheel.. Both clutch...
  17. J

    Adjustable pivot ball how to?

    I've tried doing a search and cannot come up with the answer. What is the correct way to set an adjustable pivot ball? My new clutch setup is Tremec 26 spline input, McLeod RXT, McLeod flywheel, McLeod retainer sleeve/throw out bearing, MM firewall a adjuster/cable/quadrant.
  18. J

    Poll for shits 'n giggles.. How many times have you had your T56 out?

    Just had to throw this up. This thought keeps going through my head right now since i'm getting ready to install my new twin disc clutch setup and all. I've removed mine.. atleast 4 or 5 times now i swear lol
  19. J

    My new addition (All Ford now!)

    Just picked this up last Monday and i'm in love! It's a 2013 F150 STX. It has 4 wheel drive, 5.0L, Towing package (Trailer brake, reciever hitch, limited slip, 36 gallon fuel tank etc), and the dealer had it Line X'ed. I just had a 20% tint done all the way around it. The truck is amazing...
  20. J

    Aeroforce gauges - Monitor IAT2?

    Never mind Never mind..
  21. J

    Remanned engine first start - Air/Fuel ratio check

    Just fired up the remanned engine for the first time. At the same time i'm also getting the coolant system all refilled/getting the air out. Any ways, right now the airfuel ratio is sticking around 16.. i don't believe i've let the car get up to a 100% warm idle yet, so could this be the issue...
  22. J

    NTK $45 o2 sensors or bosch $25 sensors?

    Looking to buy brand new o2 sensors. I think $90 for two sensors is crazy. These are the $90 ones.. NTK Performance Mustang Oxygen (O2) Sensor 22060 22060 and these are the bosch $25 ones.. mainly i'm wanting to make sure these are the exact ones i'll need for an '04 terminator. More...
  23. J

    Double check my coolant line routing?

    In the process of hooking everything back up to my remanned engine and just wanted to have some body double check the routing of my lines. I'm pretty sure i have everything correct? I have the left coolant line coming out of the fire wall going to the passenger side cylinder head and then the...
  24. J

    My remanned engine build/install thread

    Just thought i'd get this going in the "proper" section of the forum.. basically i installed an autometer lunar series oil pressure gauge a couple months back. When the car was idling i noticed the oil pressure gauge on both the autometer and lunar series gauges were dropping to zero at idle...
  25. J

    Needed: 2v or 4v 4.6 oil pan

    Looking to see if any one has one laying around willing to ship it to me. I can pay the shipping.. Just let me know how much it is. I need one for my core refund for my remained engine