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    Hey guys , so long story short I had issue with my radiator fan I got home and disconnected it and plugs it back in and it started working . BUT my cluster die , no lights and nothing on the cluster is working . Everything else works fine and car drives normal . I have check all the fuses with...
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    WTB - passenger oil catch can

    anybody got one ?
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    Looking to buy intake manifold

    Looking for a boss manifold or a cobrajet manifold . Thanks
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    WTB: Short shifter

    Barton or mgw let me know what you got, thanks
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    PLZ HELP !!!

    Hello guys , so I am getting the check charging system warning after I did a K-,member swap , wen I first started the car after the k-member swap I smelled like a burning cable which i have not seen any burn cable .I check my battery and alternator and both of them are good.I have ZERO idea at...
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    BMR k member

    So after waiting a month to get the k-member I started following all the instructions online to swap it on my 2012 gt . Well got everything taking out and than I am setting up the hardware I notice that they send the WRONG bolts to hold my A-arms. Anybody had this issue before?
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    Rpm shift

    Hello guys I have a simple question, my 2012 mustang gt is dyno tuned by a company and i asked them to lower my rpm shift from 1-2 but they just send me an "open" file were I can adjust it how ever I want .. that's great if I knew what the hell I was doing . So here is my question my car is...
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    WTB: Vmp twin 67mm throttle body

    Does anybody got a twin 67mm throttle body. Ps also looking for a vmp 79mm pulley
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    VMP pulley & VMP BAP

    Anybody selling a vmp BAP and a 79mm pulley ?
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    (WTB) bmr red strut tower

    Hey guys just wondering if anybody has a BMR(red) strut tower brace that they want to sell .