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    need some help guys

    Took my O1 cobra to the track a month ago for the first time. Mph was pretty low so I brought her home. A while back I installed a catch can system, I discovered it was clogged up pressurizing my crank case so all of my spark plug tunnels were full of oil. This past weekend I replaced all my...
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    Radio swap question

    I know I could just go buy an aftermarket radio and be done with it, but I was wondering if there was any other ford vehicle perhaps a little newer that utilizes the same wiring harness as my 01 cobra. I'd really like something newer that utilizes the ability of bluetooth link up or even the...
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    Sail panel or B pillar question

    Since I creamed a deer earlier this year wiping out my front bumper, hood, fender, windshield and door I have given up keeping my 01 cobra original. I had the front bumper replaced with a Cervinis 00 R, and hood with the 95 R style hood. I found a local guy that has a white 04 Mach1 that his son...
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    Swap catbacks? in around STL

    I have an 01 cobra, i have the SLP LM1 catback. After installing my UPR off road X-Pipe it's a little obnoxious. Anyone have something a little more mellow they'd be willing to swap? I'm about an hour outside of STL.
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    WTB 2, 17X10.5 cobra Rs

    I have a set of R's on my 01 but theyre all 17X8s, would like a set of 10.5s for the rear. the standard silver (not chrome) and dont care if they have center caps or not. I live in Troy, Mo 63379 Thanks, Andy
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    Ive had my 01 cobraa for almost two years and kept it pretty close to stock with the exception of an SLP LM1 catback. I finally bit the bullit and installed a set of lontubes and an off road x-pipe.........ummmmmm it's really loud. I was expecting the loudness but the raspy tone between...
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    Clutch engagement question

    I was told my clutch was replaced around 25K ago, I have to depress the clutch pedal all the way in order to put it into gear but it doesn't engage until close to the top. It almost feels like it doesn't engage until a second after I let my foot off the pedal. It was a factory replacement clutch...
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    foglight bezels and hoodliner

    After hitting a deer with my 01 cobra i had the factory hood and front bumper cover replaced with an 00R bumper cover and a 95R style hood. I have the factory hoodliner if anyone needs it and the black foglight bezels. $20.00 apiece plus shipping whatever that is.
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    Hit a deer in my cobra last night

    Driving down the highway on my way to work, jumped right into my drivers side headlight. Front bumper cover is broke all to hell, fender, hood, door, core support and fender support all toast. My cousin manages a local body shop so i had it towed there. I want to replace the front end and hood...
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    gas tank seal leaking

    CEL came on a week ago, finally got the code read and it said something like "evaporative emissions control system, small leak detected" which I was told was fancy speak for fugged up gas cap. Bought a new cap and cleared the code. Two days later CEL came back on, I noticed the next day when I...
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    value curiosity

    Was kicking around the idea of selling off my 01 cobra (to finance another project) It's a white 01 with 103k, only a handful of mods such as MM FLSFC, drop in K&N, short throw shifter, cobra r 17's w/275s out back and 245 out front (all new) , EBC greenstuff pads, and finally an SLP LM1...
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    Wheel hop damage?

    I was driving in the rain the other day and the rear started to spin (had traction control off) as soon as it started spinning it started hopping bad so I immediately let off the gas. When I did there was a weird buzzing sort of sound from under the car. Now when I'm sitting idling in neutral I...
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    Thought i screwed something up today, I'm an idiot

    it's been foggy as all get out here in Missouri......I get in my car and hit the traction control button (out of habit) and drive off. I pulld onto a side street and got a little wheel hop, no biggie right? From then on right at 2200rpms I kept hearing some sort of odd buzzing sound coming from...
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    3650 aftermarket shifter question

    I got one for christmas and it didn't come with any instructions, a friend of mine told me not to use the shift stops because my 3650 has internal ones and it'll screw something up. Is he correct, I ahve already put 5-600 miles on it and seems fine
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    aftermarket shifter question

    Got one for christmas, the instructions are pretty straightforward however I was wondering if I should apply some lube to the inside of it as mine is dry and also should I use loc-tite on the bolts when installing it.
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    shocks question

    I have an 01 cobra i bought back in july, the previous owner installed a set of Eibach sportline springs which im guessing lowered it an inch and a half or so. im looking to re-build the IRS this winter and replace the shocks all the way around while I'm in there. I have been told because my car...
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    sunvisor re-covering question

    i know I'm probably being anal but I hate those stickers on the sunvisors. Does anyone know of a place that can re-cover them to where it matches the original or maybe a way to remove those damn stickers.
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    car rolled over 100K, now what?

    I bought an 01 cobra back in july with 92K on it, i dont know much about the previous owners except the most recent oil changes before I bought it were done at jiffy lube. Since I've owned it I have only used Mobil 1 5w-30 (7quarts) my question is, since I don't know what has been used in this...
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    Not quite as stiff as I'd have thought

    I had my MM full length subframes welded in last night, I suppose I'm use to the old 87-93s where you could tell a huge difference after a set. The newer model mustangs must be a little beefier because it didn't make that huge of a difference. Don't get me wrong I can feel it's a little stiffer...
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    gotta see this

    Smart Car - Cool Body Kits | HowBits | Tidbits, Helpful Tips, and Guides</title>
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    wtb 2 stock 01 cobra wheels

    looking for the silver 01 stock cobra wheels, 17x8s. preferably nothing too beat up but don't have to be perfect either. im located outside st louis (63379)
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    bought some new shoes, small problem

    had some new rear tires installed today. while the guy had the rear wheels off i noticed the bushing at the end of the top of the upper A-Arm is toast.(where it meets the knuckle)..........on both sides. Is this hard to change and where can i get these?
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    coolant tube question

    I'm wanting to do the "head coolant mod" to my 01 cobra but i don't want my car to be down for a few days waiting for a welder to weld on the bung to my crossover tube. is this tube standard for all 99-04gts or is it something specific to the 99-03 cobras and 03-04 mach 1?
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    wtb coolant crossover tube

    im looking for the crossover tube you have to weld the bung into to install the head coolant mod. i want to have an extra one that way my cars not down while i have the one on my car welded on.
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    couple questions

    First, What size are the factory wheels on an 01 cobra (the silver ones with the "svt" cap in the center? my reason for asking is I know a lot of guys run 275s on the rear of these cars and I ran across a steal on a set of 285s. i figured since they're only 10mm wider it shouldn't matter that...