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  1. ceetwarrior

    Touch up paint for 10th Anniversary wheels?

    Did you find anything? I too have been searching for this answer. I have 6 OEM 10th wheels and two replicas in deep dish from LMR and they aren't even close to the OEM color.
  2. ceetwarrior

    10th Anniversary Rims Paint Code???

    Hey all, I've got 6 OEM 10th wheels, and two deep dish LMR replica's to put on. I'm wanting to put the DD on the back but the LMR's paint 'match' is WHACK. Does anyone have the info on the OEM paint code I need to get them matched?? Thanks!
  3. ceetwarrior

    WTB: Kenne Bell Supercharger For 02 L

    If ya got a KB kit for sale, let me know. Have cash waiting. Thanks
  4. ceetwarrior

    Air Box Delete Filler Panel anyone? Anderson Power Pipe

    Does anyone sell a bolt in block off plate for the factory airbox delete specifically for SN95's? I know I could build something myself but dont want it to look homeade cheesy. My friend and I did a wire tuck on the passenger side and now I decided I need to do something with 'that hole'.
  5. ceetwarrior

    SN95 Ride Quality from 17" to 18" Wheel .. Anyone?

    I'm pondering about switching from 17" to 18" wheels on my g ride. But I dont want my g ride to effect my girls g spot if you know what I mean. Does anyone have any first hand experience with the difference in quality on a SN95? Thanks!
  6. ceetwarrior

    94/95 Factory Battery Cable Setup - Need Pics Please!

    Hey guys, can anyone post up a close up of the pos and neg battery Cables? My '95 Cobra came with some half done trunk mount battery setup which I ripped out. Then they did some hack job on the front setup. Anyway, I am just trying to get it back to stock without having universal...
  7. ceetwarrior

    White Face Heater Control .. Too Dark ..

    hey guys, I bought the "" stick-on HVAC overlay. I lined it up correctly like instructions said and layed it over the OEM controls. But It's darker than night. Can't read anything at night. Should I peel off the stock one then put the white one on? If so will it lose the...
  8. ceetwarrior

    94/95 EGR Delete or Fix? Need Advice

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my EGR system on my (picky) '95 Cobra. I'm throwing a "Insufficient EGR Flow" code. The car starts fine with no check engine light. But once I start driving it throws the code and hangs the idle at 1200+rpm and MIL comes on. Now, I'm sure I could throw...
  9. ceetwarrior

    94/95 Have Trunk Botton on Key Fob?

    Hey guys, my Cobra currently came with the key fob that just has doors and panic. It also works fine. Was just curious to know if it's supposed to have the trunk popper as well? The '97 GT I onced owned had the trunk botton...
  10. ceetwarrior

    Mach 460 Owners: I Need You To Look in Trunk

    Hey guys, I've got my Mach 460 pieced back together in my Cobra (previous owner removed it ALL). I need someone to look in their trunk dead center of the box and tell me what wires go where on that 4-wire quick connect, please! There is green/black, black/green on the harness, then on the...
  11. ceetwarrior

    WTT: Your Modded Lightning 4 Modded '93 COBRA

    Anyone bored with their 'MODDED' 2nd gen lightning? Want to trade for a Kenne Bell 1993 Cobra as seen here: ? Only reason I am thinking about trading my Cobra...
  12. ceetwarrior

    FS: Snow Stage 2 MAF Meth Injection Kit

    SOLD******** Thanks SVTperformance