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  1. mustangvsix

    Sold my 03...bought a

    Well sold my 03 cobra and traded my ‘14 ecoboost screw f150 for... ‘13 raptor screw. Definitely a beast of a truck and for me the perfect mix of cobra and ‘family’ hauler than scratches the car guy itch. Anyways a few pics after detailing it. Currently stock other than a roush cat-back which...
  2. mustangvsix

    2003 Cobra - Redfire - 22k miles

    2003 Mustang Cobra Redfire Exterior with Charcoal/Medium Graphite Interior 1 of 758 produced in this color combo for 2003 Mileage: 22,313 I am the 3rd Owner of this Cobra. I have a pile of original parts (Factory pullies, air box & filter, coolant tanks, factory wipers, etc etc) that will...
  3. mustangvsix

    Picking a new ride

    Yep one of these threads... Budget would be $25-$30k and would replace my 03 cobra. 2010-2012 GT500 - higher miles (60-80k) but holds value; already 6-8 years old. 2015-2017 GT - low miles, ‘new’, lots of potential and a great interior. So where would you spend your money?
  4. mustangvsix

    To keep or sell

    Curious how many others kicked the car for a short term while there kids grew up some. Just realized this morning I put less than 1000 miles on the car in a year being as I have an 18 month old and 3 month old. Obviously with no room for 1 much less two car seats you just cant enjoy it. I own...
  5. mustangvsix

    AZ Dyno Tuning

    Hey All, just wanted to give a shout out to Keith at AZ Dyno Chip. Did a great job tuning my 03 yesterday. Got me set up with a couple tunes (primarily for me to pass emissions) and work through the previous owners tune, making sure I am on point and safe, and adding his own touches. Just got...
  6. mustangvsix

    Readiness Monitors - How Many do we have?

    Ok all, just got my car tuned yesterday to pass emissions, my p1000 code cleared, all good. However, I have a 2nd diagnostic scan tool that checks my readiness monitors and before I go back to emissions and fail again, how many monitors should I be seeing as 'ready'. Reason I ask is I have a...
  7. mustangvsix

    Emissions Failure - Tuning Help

    Ok, so went to register my new to me 03 cobra. Previous owner did not have the tune done and does not know if it has been tuned. However today when I had the OBDII port read for my emissions it failed and all the guy could say is "all the sensors are turned off", he can't read anything. How can...
  8. mustangvsix

    New Cobra - Weird Issue - Need Advice

    Ok, so just purchased a 2003 Cobra with 17k miles. Truly mint condition inside and out. Go Fast Mod that I have found so far: Bassani Cat-Back Exhaust Bassani Catted X-pipe MGW Short Shifter Billetflow 4 piece Pulley (2.93” w/ 100mm Idler) JLT CAI AFCO Double Pass Heat Exchanger...
  9. mustangvsix

    2001 Cobra - Convertible- True Blue - 60k miles

    2001 Mustang Cobra Approx. 60,000 miles 3rd Owner (Purchased with 23,000 miles in 2008 from Longmont Ford in Colorado) #935 of 3384 Convertible Cobra’s built in 2001 1 of 163 True Blue Cobras with Charcoal Interior and Black Top Craigslist Link...
  10. mustangvsix

    Drove a couple of Supercars on Sunday

    So as a x-mas present this year, my better half got me a supercar driving experience with a traveling company that hops around the country. I had the opportunity to do 3 laps in a McLaren MP4-12C and 3 laps in a Ferrari 458 Italia, and all I can say is if you have seen the top gear on these two...
  11. mustangvsix

    fuel pump dead

    Fuel pump died this week so replaced it with a walbro 255lph pump and swapped the fuel filter out too. All i can say is it was a pain in the ass. Had a full tank of gas which only complicated it. Getting the fuel filler neck out sucked as did disconnecting the fuel filter. Overall from start to...
  12. mustangvsix

    To boost or not (kenne bell)

    So I have some tax refund money coming and am thinking of taking the dive and finally getting boosted with a 2.1 KB big bore kit non inter-cooled. Been reading online and wanted to hear others accounts of install and opinions on it. Perfectly fine hitting only 400rwhp or so for now so 6lbs and...
  13. mustangvsix

    01 TB Cobra 'winter' detail

    Oh yeah its Phoenix, so it was perfect mid 80's...:rockon: Did a wash, clay, polish with Porter Cable XP7424 & Wolfgang TSR 3.0, poorboy's natty blue paste wax. Black trim hit with some Black WOW, tires dressed with Armor All tire shine, followed by Diamondite Glass Cleaner. Pictures: Rebel...
  14. mustangvsix


    Ok, so quick question, asked over in the local AZ forum to, buy maybe some 99/01 guys can share some advice: I'm finally going to register my car out here in AZ(phx) now that I have purchased a home (been renting/going to school and such previously). Any who, I have a Bassani O/R x and have...
  15. mustangvsix

    Some early morning pics of the true blue

    Cleaned her up for the 'winter' months (Mothers clay bar, Wolfgang TSR 3.0, Poorboys Black Hole glaze, Poorboys Natty Blue wax). Snapped a few quick pics this morning. Still need to clean up the engine bay and exhaust pipes over the next week or so, but for now this will do. Only new changes...
  16. mustangvsix

    Poorboys Products

    Hey guys, kind of a random questions but I went out to check my pile of detailing products as I am putting together a small order of a few odds and ends so i can clean the car up in the next few weeks and noticed my poorboys SSR line had separated and become very thin(watery). I live in phoenix...
  17. mustangvsix

    WTB: SLP LM2 Mufflers

    Looking to go back to SLP LM2 mufflers. Let me know what you have. Need them for slipping back into my SLP catback so no welded mufflers. :beer:
  18. mustangvsix

    Aduio Questions

    Audio Questions So audio stuff is a weak point for me. I am running the factory Mach 460 but I swapped the head unit a year or two ago to the Clarion VX709. I am looking to add a small sub-woofer to add some depth to my audio/music experience in my car. I am not quite sure what I need in order...
  19. mustangvsix

    MIL Elim...quick question

    So I just put some MIL elim's (plug in style from AM) as well as some spacers of sorts (I have seen them called spark plug defoulers as well, just drilled out I guess). Any who...I still have a P0430 code:bash::bash: It took about 70 miles and 3 days to turn on.... my car...
  20. mustangvsix

    Cool Old lady and her car

    Two Classics, One Car - Video Library - The New York Times 101 years old and still kickin, plus driving an awesome car. :burnout:
  21. mustangvsix

    All done!

    Made my last car payment today and now own my cobra, bought her 3 years ago w/ 24k on the clock, she has 43k on her currently. then: now: feels great!
  22. mustangvsix

    curious about the difference - Polish

    Just wondering if anyone in here has had some experience with Poorboys World Pro Polish 2? Good/Bad? Any who how does it stack up against say PB SSR 2.5 / what is the difference between the two?
  23. mustangvsix

    Need more help! Please!

    Ok newish symptoms but took care of most of the codes from last time. Symptoms: Fuel Pressure tested when car was on and warm at 49-50psi, would drop when you blip the throttle. Car struggles big time at low rpms (from Idle to 2200rpms). Feels like it wants to just die. Above 2200rpms runs...
  24. mustangvsix

    help me diagnose

    Alright car has been acting a little funny recently. Starts up just fine no problems there. Drives fine when cold, no problems here When warm from 1800-2100rpm's or so its like its running on empty. You touch the gas and it struggles to rev whether it be 1st gear or 5th gear. Problem seems to...
  25. mustangvsix

    New pics of the 01

    Not too many changes since last. Just detailed her last week and decided to blow the dust off my camera and go out and snap a few quick shots since I had some free time. Took off the rear bumper letter inserts since the corners were starting to peel up. Probably will go with some stainless steel...