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  1. slowgreycobra

    Help me figure out how to continue my projects

    I have that problem also, and my only advice is to pick one, work on it until it is "finished". I've moved to that strategy with military surplus gun restorations and gun building and it works better than having tons of half finished projects. For my current cars, my plan is to get my 69 Mach 1...
  2. slowgreycobra

    Did you go to your 20 year reunion?

    Nope, I was deployed during my 10th and 20th. I probably wouldn't have gone even if I were home. High school was a part of my life, but I don't sit there and reminisce about it. My life has been much more awesome than it was in high school so I would rather focus on that, and also on what is to...
  3. slowgreycobra

    The Matrix 4 Trailer

    The trailer didn't do much for me. Who was asking for this film? I feel like the story has ended. Hopefully I am proven wrong, but I kept watching and getting a Star Wars: The Force Awakens vibe. That was pretty much a oh look, remeber that thing from the original Star Wars? We have that too! Be...
  4. slowgreycobra

    Mad Max Cars Being Auctioned

    Does it come with a lifetime supply of silver paint? Witness me!
  5. slowgreycobra

    THE COBRA IS BACK @ Lethal Performance!

    That was what my reservations were. When you pop the hood on a terminator, you see the iconic blown 4.6 engine. Pop the hood on a coyote and see that flimsy plastic 5.0 engine cover (Yes, I know you can take it off). Although, reading more, the IRS was already swapped out for SRA. At this...
  6. slowgreycobra

    Financing your future cobra/ car?

    I currently have a loan app in with USAA for an 01 Cobra roller. They had no issues with the loan. I have great credit but my interest rate is meh. I'm not too worried because I will pay it off in a few months. Buying a house ate up all of my car cash.
  7. slowgreycobra

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    I washed my Mach 1 that I've had in storage for 3 years. It was disgustingly flithy and took a lot of work to clean up. Simple green did a great job of removing some spots from when it sat under a tree for a few weeks. I'll clean the interior this week and then finishing installing the...
  8. slowgreycobra

    New member - 2002 SVT Cobra - Greetings from Australia

    Yep, the FPV cars were what I drooled over. At the time, I was looking at fun 4 door cars as most of the US production Ford cars were meh.
  9. slowgreycobra

    New member - 2002 SVT Cobra - Greetings from Australia

    Nice car. It's neat to see something we don't see very often. I wanted to figure out how to import one of your newer Aussie Falcons with a 5.4 that made decent power.
  10. slowgreycobra

    The present owner of my 2003 Cobra connected with me today! What a surprise!

    Very cool! I still look for my 03 DSG also. I missed out on it by 3 months. It was for sale in the Dallas area and now sports twins and an auto. Cool on the twins, yuck on the auto! I still would love to get it back and replace it with a T56 like it should have.
  11. slowgreycobra

    Sold the Porsche and bought a . . . . .Italian

    Damn! That looks nice!
  12. slowgreycobra

    Nissan 400Z Launch

    I like the look better than the last one with the butthole rear end. 400hp should be nice and easiy to up that due to boost. There are a lot of cars I wouldn't buy, but like and glad they make them. This car fits in that category.
  13. slowgreycobra

    Little Valley Auto Ranch Walkthrough 2021

    One Last Photo. I'll be heading back for a few parts after I move into my house. I spotted a few things in great condition sitting in some cars.
  14. slowgreycobra

    Little Valley Auto Ranch Walkthrough 2021

    When I lived in the Killeen area about 10 years ago, I spent a lot of time at Little Valley Auto Ranch. I thought they were closed, but saw that they weren't. I decided to do a walkthrough and took some pictures. I talked to the guys there and they said in the past 10 years they have gone from...
  15. slowgreycobra

    Soon to be new shop!

    Looking good. When my house closes I plan to turn the 5th wheel parking spot into a shop. Its not nearly as big and cool as this, but having room for activities is great. Man, I need a lift like you have now!
  16. slowgreycobra

    Ford's 2022 Electric F-150 Lightning | Here's the Scoop

    I don't hate the truck and would probably like it. I am not a big fan of using a performance name for an EV, but it does look like it has a 0-60 time that beats the gen 2 Lightnings. I've actually been looking at the Mach E this week. I saw a prototype a while back when I was in Detroit. It...
  17. slowgreycobra

    Machine Shop in Central Texas?

    As the subject line states, I am looking for a machine shop that I can trust to do the machine work for my engine. My 1969 Mustang Mach 1 has a 351C 2V currently residing in the engine bay with a toploader 4 speed behind it. I don't have it all set up to run yet, and I need to yank the engine to...
  18. slowgreycobra

    THE COBRA IS BACK @ Lethal Performance!

    I remember the car back in the day. I would rather see what can be done today with the old Terminator engine than another vanilla Coyote swap. I think removing the legendary engine for something you can see in any old GT is the wrong way to go. Just my cranky middle aged opinion.
  19. slowgreycobra

    New 99 Cobra Project *Youtube warning*

    Cool thread. I'm eyeing a 99 vert project that needs some work. I might go check it out after my house closes. Buying a house takes too long! All of the literature and receipts were cool. I am not old yet, but I also keep the receipts for my F150 and Porsche. I've occasionally had times where I...
  20. slowgreycobra

    Anyone else not overly excited about newer muscle/sports cars?

    This is a topic I have been rolling around in my head a lot over the past few years. The newer Ford stuff doesn't excite me after about the mid 2010's due to a bland design. The base model and GT Mustang offerings look boring to me. I still like the GT-500 and 350 looks. The newer offerings...
  21. slowgreycobra

    03-04 Cobra Demand

    I've been away from SVTP for years after I sold my 03 DSG in 2013. I regretted selling it the moment I watched it leave on the trailer. I've actually looked for it occasionally online. In 2017 I had missed out on buying it back by about 3 months. The ad is still up to this day on one site...
  22. slowgreycobra

    FOR SALE: 2001 Cobra Roller - $6500

    Dang, I was eyeing this thing this weekend on CL as I have a 99 4v in pieces in a box that needs built. Hopefully the sale goes through, it looks like a great basis for a build!
  23. slowgreycobra

    99 Cobra Intake for sale

    99 Cobra Intake for sale. Bought it for a turbo project but no longer need it. $325 Shipped from Kansas.
  24. slowgreycobra

    Rough Country 2" lift for Jeep GC 05-10

    Sold my jeep years ago but still have the brand new lift kit. Its never been installed and is just taking up space. Fits the Wk/Xk platform. Asking $125 shipped. Ill link pics tonight or you can see what it looks like on Rough Country's website. Sent from my MB865 using Tapatalk 2
  25. slowgreycobra

    WTT: 99/01 Cobra intake +$150 for intake and IC

    As the title says, looking to trade for your terminator lower intake and IC that bolts under the eaton. Here are the pics.