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  1. 1996mstgcobra

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    New 2019 Performance blue with blue recaro seats option. Hella comfortable!
  2. 1996mstgcobra

    Lets see those trucks!

    New to me 2017 f250 Ford!! 300k Mile F350 Fox!
  3. 1996mstgcobra

    Lets see those trucks!

    My 2014 raptor with 2” leveling kit on 22x14 fuels on 35s. Still drives smooth and looks good imo..
  4. 1996mstgcobra

    New truck.

    Pulled the trigger on a 2014 raptor got a good deal and excellent trade in money for my f250. She'll be home tomorrow or Saturday. She's in transit and currently at San Antonio That Ruby Red color is really nice when it's bright out.
  5. 1996mstgcobra

    taking delivery of new raptor

    I'll be taking delivered of a 2014 ruby red, got a good deal and got good trade in money. Any advice on what to look out for or what first mods are a must is really appreciated. She's currently at San Antonio hopefully she makes it to South Texas tomorrow Thanks!
  6. 1996mstgcobra

    track time

    Took the shelby out to the track and im somewhat impressed with myself. ..first and best run 12.1 @ 122 60' was 2.1 it spun some on 1st...ran it on sport mode launched at 3000rpm.. I thought I was going to break into the 11's being that it was my first run of the runs were a...
  7. 1996mstgcobra

    detailed 2013 shelby

    spent most part of the day detailing... not the best pics. took them with a galaxy note 2. 20130710_165219 by wencegzz21, on Flickr 20130710_165110 by wencegzz21, on Flickr 20130710_165207-1 by wencegzz21, on Flickr 20130710_164916 by wencegzz21, on Flickr...
  8. 1996mstgcobra

    dispaly center (help)

    My display center is not showing any info, it just shows squares? (Where it dispalys the miles its just gray and red squres along the i fo center) I tried turning off the car and letting it sit for a while and it still not displaying numbers. Has this happen to anybody here? Is it something I...
  9. 1996mstgcobra

    2013 gt500 vs built 6.0 trans am

    my cousin built a 6.0 and slapped it in to a 98 trans am, he suppose to be running mid 11's to low 12's, car sounds amazing it has a big cam, stall, heads, built tranny, fast intake, drag radials..the whole 9. he kept bugging me all day that he wanted to see where he stood vs a 13...
  10. 1996mstgcobra

    Picked up a 2013 Shelby

    Picked up a black with matte black stripes fully optioned 2013 Shelby. walked in into dealership just to see if one was a available. The beast was sitting in the showroom, manager walked by me and asked if I liked the car? I said yes, she would be my dream come true but I couldn't afford the...
  11. 1996mstgcobra

    Need good advice.....

    Need help on what to do to my cobra to get the most out of my engine it has 130xxx stock... I've put 80% of those hwy miles... any advice on what bolt on's to add to wake up my cobra????
  12. 1996mstgcobra

    need help to price my L?

    i want to put my lightning uo for sale and dont know how much its worth since its got a salvage title...the truck is in good condition, ive owned it for a year and it runs really strong..its a 1999 red lightning with 81000 miles...interior is really clean and exterior id say is in good...
  13. 1996mstgcobra

    Wtb lowering springs for 96 cobra

    im looking to buy a good set of lowering springs for a 96 cobra.. looking for a 2" drop...
  14. 1996mstgcobra

    WTB: used headers for 96 cobra

    looking for a good used set of headers for my 96 cobra. im in tx 78582
  15. 1996mstgcobra

    WTB: a catback for a 96 cobra

    looking for a cat back for a 96 cobra im located in tx 78582..
  16. 1996mstgcobra

    wtb: sportline springs for 96 cobra

    i want to buy a set of sportline springs for a 96 cobra coupe. im located in tx 78582
  17. 1996mstgcobra

    wtb: 03-04 cobra engine and tranny

    im looking into buying a 03-04 engine and transmission for a 96 cobra. i would like a complete set up a swap. im located in south texas being close to me is a plus! does anybody know what other parts im going to need for the complete swap besides motor, tranny, and computer wiring?
  18. 1996mstgcobra

    how much is this truck worth?

    my father in law is selling a red 99 lightning with 63000 miles. he just replaced the driver side head due to the head spitting out a spark plug. it does have a rebuilt title. i think it needs a torque converter cause it makes noise while idling. i checked the frame and everything looks clean it...