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    FOR SALE: MI: 2004 Comp orange coupe - nicely built

    Very nice. What was the listed price? Just wondering if I had a shot at it. These are tough to find.
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    FOR SALE: PA *Wrecked* 2003 Torch Red 43k miles $14500/best offer

    If you decide to part it out how much for the motor and trans? 12k is a lot of money for the headache trying to put that back together.
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    1991 Bimini Blue TFS HCI/Vortech V3si

    Beautiful car. Did it sell? If so the new owner im sure is very happy.
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    WANTED: 03/04 Coupe

    Tough time to buy one of these. I did find mine here through messaging somebody not even an actual ad. This was almost two yrs ago, seems like nobody wants to sell them anymore. Start messaging everyone. Lol. Good luck.
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    WANTED: Built Cobras near Stuart, Fl

    What price are you asking? Very nice car man.
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    WTB: Modded 03/04 coupe near SC/East coast

    Damn, these cars are getting harder to find.
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    BLUEPSTU is for sale. (03 Sonic Blue cobra)

    For a low mile motor...thats a good deal. Id just replace with stock taillights and damn u got a low mile (Engine) terminator for 20 grand.
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    Do I need 26 spline shaft after supercharger upgrade

    Thanks for the input guys. I guess ill do the heat exchanger and see how things go. When i decide to change the clutch ill do the rest. Besides the 26 spline input shaft anything else in there I should change?
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    Do I need 26 spline shaft after supercharger upgrade

    I do understand that eventually ill need the upgrades but was hoping to run it this way for a year or so since I dont drive the car much.
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    Do I need 26 spline shaft after supercharger upgrade

    Need some help. I plan to swap my supercharger in about 10 days for a vmp 2.3L. My car is all stock, 19 k miles. I wont be drag racing the car, mostly street driving and i dont drive the car much. A few hard pulls here and there on open roads. 1. How long will the stock clutch last, will...
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    Factory Eagle F1's

    I doubt it unless somebody just wants an oem car with everything original on it.
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    2003 cobra Whippled 64k located in Ca

    Bump for a clean car.
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    AFS wheels

    I emailed them about this after purchasing a set. They said likely delivered at the beginning of June.
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    Vmp 2.3 vs Eaton plus pulley and tune

    I bought it used with less than a thousand miles on the setup I was told. Looks like in new condition to me. Gona pulley and tune it first. Thanks for all the replies.
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    AFS wheels

    I agree with then being “cheap” wheels i guess but have heard good things about then holding up after time. I just really want to keep the stock look of the vehicle and run bigger tires.
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    AFS wheels

    I never got a word from them..
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    Vmp 2.3 vs Eaton plus pulley and tune

    Thanks for the reply, I think you did it right. You got to enjoy both the eaton pullied and then moved onto the VMP. I will probably do this just cause I want to for the experience of it. I know it will cost more in the end but im ok with that.
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    AFS wheels

    Not sure, i just check their site daily but i am thinking things might be backed up now with this corona virus since the wheels are made in china. Anybody have any idea?
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    Vmp 2.3 vs Eaton plus pulley and tune

    Thanks for all the replies. Thanks for the replies. I agree I’d be spending more money with pulley/tune...just kind of wanted to experience it since many say the increase in power is impressive. The vmp 2.3 will be installed at vmp performance, im lucky to live like 15 min from them.
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    Vmp 2.3 vs Eaton plus pulley and tune

    Thanks for the reply, this is what i will probably do.
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    Vmp 2.3 vs Eaton plus pulley and tune

    Not to compare if it is better, the vmp will outperform it no doubt. Is the experience and increase of just a smaller pulley and tune worth it or much of a difference over stock?
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    Vmp 2.3 vs Eaton plus pulley and tune

    I purchased a gen two 2.3 vmp blower with a setup including kenne bell boost a pump, accu fab throttle body, 60 lb injectors, maf. My car is stock as of now other than a cold air intake and exhaust. I enjoy it the way it is but its time to start modifying and enjoying it a bit more. Before...
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    AFS wheels

    Did presale start yet? Will the corona virus slow down production? Looks like we will be waiting a long time again..
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    FOR SALE - 04 Mystichrome Coupe - 9700 Miles

    Ouch, this thread hurt me a little bit.
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    WTB: AFS 18 inch wheels

    Ill pm you for some details.