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  1. The Outlaw

    Factory GT500 Blower on 4.6

    I already know the answer is probably no, but is there anyway to fit the factory GT500 blower on on the 4.6 engine?
  2. The Outlaw

    PICS: Friday Night Cruise ZO6,Lambo,Ferrari ect

    :coolman:Good turnout tonight for July 3rd; See all the pix here; Foothills July 3rd 09 pictures by OUTLAW1970 - Photobucket
  3. The Outlaw

    BULLRUN on Speed

    Bullrun is back on Speed Thursday night at 10. You can check out all the teams here I'm not too sure about Team VW with the van, but I will be pulling for Team Shelby in the Super Snake.:beer:
  4. The Outlaw

    SCT Power Flash SF3 on Saleen?

    Got my JLT CAI and SF3 from American Muscle today and went to install the tune tonight. I end up getting and ECU Not Supported message. It will read the vehicle info, but won't begin the tune. Now what? Help:??: BTW my car is a 2006 Saleen S281, is that the problem?
  5. The Outlaw

    Local Mustang Cruise In

    Hooked up with the Fabulous Fords and Friends crew for some eats and car chat at BeefOBradys tonight. Here are a few picks in the lot after dinner.
  6. The Outlaw

    Looking for the classic GT500 badge dash pic

    Can someone post up the pic of the classic Shebly GT500 fender badge that has been put on the dash of a new GT500. Thanks
  7. The Outlaw

    Help: Shaker 500 lights ???

    Being a new Mustang owner, I am learning something all the time. I thought it was curious that the radio was the only thing that didn't light up with the dash lights. I thought it was strange that you had to fumble for buttons that you couldn't see. Now I find out form a couple of buddys, one...
  8. The Outlaw

    Smoky Mountain Mustangs

  9. The Outlaw

    Random Pics, Spiders,Saleens and Sunsets oh my

    Just some stuff on the memory card ;)
  10. The Outlaw

    S302 Extreme: My new dream car

    This car is simply BADASS:cool::cool::cool::cool: 2008 S302 Extreme SPecifications ENGINE 302 CID (5.0L) Modular, 3-Valve SOHC V8 620 HP @ 6300 RPM 600 lb-ft TQ @ 4400 RPM 39 lb/hr Fuel Injectors 3.554” x 3.800” Bore & Stroke Port Matched Series VI Integrated...
  11. The Outlaw

    The Forge Musclecar Show (Lots of Pics)
  12. The Outlaw

    Modern Mach

  13. The Outlaw

    RS Z/28 and SS 396

  14. The Outlaw

    Boss 429

    Just a taste, more to come
  15. The Outlaw

    Shelby GT500 KR

    :cool: Awesome Car, love the hood and the wheels;)
  16. The Outlaw

    A few new pics of the Saleen

    Took a few new shots this morning:cool:
  17. The Outlaw

    A few new pics of the Saleen

    Took a few new shots this morning:cool:
  18. The Outlaw

    PICS: Jet Stream Blue ZO6

  19. The Outlaw

    20 Shots From Foothills Cruise 8-1-08

    Really Old School Radical Rat Rod Which way are we going ???? Can't have a cruise without Camaros Sweet Fastback with a 5.0 It's PDQ Atomic Orange Sweet Pickup SALEEN Nice wheels on this TA...
  20. The Outlaw

    My Vette and some friends

  21. The Outlaw

    Terminator Fastback

  22. The Outlaw

    Wicked Black ZO6

    and a Blue one too
  23. The Outlaw

    Mustang Week Myrtle Beach 08

  24. The Outlaw

    SVT at VIR

  25. The Outlaw

    Pics from Planet Hollywood Tuesday 7-22

    Just a little taste of the photos I got this evening, my connection sux at the hotel. Many more to come.:cool: