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  1. nxhappy

    anyone install new carpet/laminate/floors ?

    well.... the shit show has started LOL. finally getting rid of my old, shitty, nasty, disgusting carpet. Bought a nice dark-ish gray laminate flooring. ripped out all carpet. All the nail strips, all the baseboards. leveled out the concrete. One small section of tile is going to be removed to...
  2. nxhappy

    COVID numbers have crashed !

    A small positive hope, there may be light at the tunnel. COVID numbers appear to have crashed. Currently 58k 7 day average for cases. We have not been at this level since October. Our peak was 259k. From what I can tell most people will be vaccine eligible by May. And essential workers can get...
  3. nxhappy

    need a budget v6 SUV (good on gas)

    whats up my dudez ....well long story short I am driving a **** load and I need a fuel efficient v6 that is towing capable. The cheaper the better, $6k to 10 grand would be great. Obviously it will be older/higher mileage. What would you recommend?
  4. nxhappy

    buddy in ICU

    my old buddy/co-worker got covid, he's in the ICU on respirator. His name is Pete. He has a daughter and a grandbaby. Please pray for Pete, he is one of the nicest people I have met in life. I just want another beer with him =( never take shit for granted
  5. nxhappy

    shitty garage lighting !!!!

    so needless to say I need some good lighting in my garage. I only have one bulb on my garage opener LOL. So what is the easiest option?? I have one outlet strip with 6 ports, other than that not many electrical outlets.
  6. nxhappy

    will you travel for Christmas (covid) ?

    are you guys traveling for Christmas? I am, not flying just driving. Any of you flying? Personally I wouldn't mind it. Hell, 4 out of 7 days I'm shopping in large crowds LOL. Don't really give a ****. I wear a mask and sanitize with lube after each stop, even though I know it's not really...
  7. nxhappy

    mother F ing fuel filter

    guys this is sad....but this damn 01 F150 fuel filter has me cursing ...spent 2 separate days trying to swap it out. Using the metal "special tool". The rear comes out pretty easy. The front side will NOT release from the filter. I believe the "teeth" inside are stuck. I have soaked the inside...
  8. nxhappy

    who is your go to auto parts store ?

    who is your go to auto parts store ? IE : O'reillys Autozone Napa Besides the stealership who would you say has the quality parts ?
  9. nxhappy

    walmart removes guns and ammo. AMMO SHORTAGE

    Walmart has removed guns and ammo off the sales floor as protests rage WTF is this world coming to ? I'm glad I'm fully stocked and ready. Ammo is SCARCE and guns are selling like crazy. If Trump wins (which he will) the libs are going to go APESHIT. People will start burning shit even more...
  10. nxhappy

    empty garage ?!?!?! Bitter sweet

    you ever look at an empty garage and think .....WHAT THE **** ?! So bitter sweet hahaha. No insurance to pay. More room for stuff. And yet .....NO TOYS. I really liked the C5Z ....but what does a greedy jew luv more ....uhhhh money LOL. "everything is for sale for the right price!" in...
  11. nxhappy

    HVAC gurus

    need some home AC help. guy came out ....could not find anything wrong. pressure levels OK. everything OK. during the really hot days AC just quits. being fed up I installed new capacitor. first boot up, ran for about 10 minutes, then fan stopped. Also the fan is only 1-2 years old. as of now AC...
  12. nxhappy

    anyone watching the Netflix Epstein doc ?

    any watch the epstein doc ? my fav was the pics of clinton on the island LOL.
  13. nxhappy

    installing solar yourself???

    has anyone bought a DIY kit and installed their own solar? I see kits for about $10k and seriously thinking about it. A long time ago I helped build a house in Mexico, that is the only construction experience lol. But really, how hard can it be ?
  14. nxhappy

    FL dudez ....home insurance

    hey FL dudez ....I need help for home insurance ....who do you recommend? I think current company is screwing me (citizens)
  15. nxhappy

    Talking about tire shine and tire damage

    ok so today I was talking to this guy, he claimed tire shine or tire dressing causes tires to crack and get damaged. I have been shining tires for 20 years with all sorts of products. I think this guy doesn't know WTF he's talking about. I have NEVER damaged my tires in such manner and have...
  16. nxhappy

    my first kill

    my first kill yayyyy :cool: I see a c7 sting ray, looks like a 15 or 16. Gorgeous red. I wasn't going to race but this bitch revvs at me. OK new balance bitch ....ur going down. first gear didn't hook too good. second gear im hooked hard and hitting 7 grand. 3rd gear still pulling and I look...
  17. nxhappy

    UFOs/Aliens on film

    crazy shit
  18. nxhappy

    my damn toilet ! plumbers CAMON IN

    ok guys....shitty situation here .....HAH ! trying to fix a toilet. I flush it, it fills close to the top, and drains/flushes slowly. Tried the plunger. tried dhot water. tried draino. tried lime/calcium shit down the overflow tube. still not flushing like it should. do I need to clean out...
  19. nxhappy

    COVID- buying stupid shit and stuff

    ok so admit it ....we are all just sitting at home....drinking beers .....and then we are buying stupid shit on the internet LOL. Don't lie, I know you are doing it in a very short amount of time I have already bought Z06 wheels and tires diablo tuner stereo LED headlights cat back...
  20. nxhappy

    LS3 peeps ? Turn me to the dark side

  21. nxhappy

    what's good in your life?

    I want to make a "positive" thread during this virus crap. What's good in your life right now ? =) For me: I'm enjoying our new life in AZ. right off the bat I notice the difference with people and friendliness. The clean factor is insane. I sold my house in CA for a great profit. I am...
  22. nxhappy

    help me w/ CL scammer

    help me **** with this guy and send some shit to his email ToddClark767[at\Gmail\dot\com]
  23. nxhappy

    leasing a car

    thinking about leasing a car/suv for the wife. It would be about 30-50% cheaper than her current car (non leased) at $400/month. She drives like 5000 miles a year. I would like to sell her car before it drops value. I have never leased before this a bad idea ???
  24. nxhappy

    AZ here I come !!!!

    house closes in a few days !! I am so excited and scared LOL once I get settled I'm gonna need some SVTP friends =) PS ...... **** YOU KALIFORNIA YOU PIECE OF SHIT !!!!
  25. nxhappy

    financial dudez: 100g's investing....what do you do ?

    if you had 100g's of disposable money to invest (not a car LOL), what would you do ? I have a good chunk in 401/ira/stock market ....I am thinking about dumping more in..although many people freaking out over "the 2020 crash is coming" which I think is bullshit ...if I play it right I think...