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  1. fr03cobra

    Leaving my whipple for TT

    Bought a hellion TT kit. Sorry whipple too much pulley drag. Going to the dark side. 816rwhp on the whipple, 1000+ coming soon.
  2. fr03cobra

    just hit the 800 rwhp mark

    Boss 5.0 block stroked to 5.3. Not a coyote 5.0 built by MPR
  3. fr03cobra

    just hit the 800 rwhp mark

    nope, ported heads, custom cams
  4. fr03cobra

    just hit the 800 rwhp mark

    double keyed crank so no worries.
  5. fr03cobra

    just hit the 800 rwhp mark

    2.9 crusher, 5.3L motor. 3.0 upper, 2lb lower, 21psi
  6. fr03cobra

    just hit the 800 rwhp mark

  7. fr03cobra

    Finally got my car on the dyno

    gained 50hp with just e85. 700 to 752 more boost to
  8. fr03cobra

    new dyno numbers

    same boost on e85 now.
  9. fr03cobra

    ISO 2004 Mystichrome Cobra
  10. fr03cobra

    2003 Mustang Cobra Convertible – 16k miles - South Carolina

    nice cobra. fixing the scratches could go along way in selling it. just my thoughts though. glws
  11. fr03cobra

    WTB: mystichrome coupe
  12. fr03cobra

    new dyno numbers

    close to stock 8:5:1. custom grind bullet cams. thanks
  13. fr03cobra

    Winter build finally approaching the end

    becareful I've seen the 3.4 whipple rip the stock caged crank pulley right out.
  14. fr03cobra

    new dyno numbers

  15. fr03cobra

    new dyno numbers

    Cool, I will play with this setup for alittle and think about the e85 with more psi in about 6 months or so.. Thanks for the input.
  16. fr03cobra

    new dyno numbers

    staying away because of injector clogging and if I do a road trip it's not always available
  17. fr03cobra

    new dyno numbers

    Just a 3.0 upper. put down 19psi. Thanks AND ALL THIS: mods: Kooks 1 3/4 LT's,ID1000's,fore hat with dual 465 pumps, fore fuel rails,Killer Chiller,Kris-Starnes-Racing CNC ported heads,5.3L MOTOR . & 2.9L Polished Crusher Whipple LOL
  18. fr03cobra

    new dyno numbers

    new numbers on 93 octane. trying to stay away from e85.
  19. fr03cobra

    any tips for my 1st time changing oil on Terminator?

    I put 5w20 in one time and I heard a bad ticking sound. I drained it right after and put 5w30 back in ticking went away. just fyi
  20. fr03cobra

    It's been a nice run! I've had an absolute blast with this car!

    sorry to hear your going to sell the cobra. They will have to bury me in the cobra when I die.Lol. holding on still 14 yrs and counting. best of luck to you.
  21. fr03cobra

    crank shaft sensor

    thanks found the problem. cross over tube from the mmr delete cap popped off drained my coolant no overheat did not make it far before it died left it at a friends house till the runs great now.
  22. fr03cobra

    crank shaft sensor

    Had a loose connector on the crank shaft sensor last week cleaned it up and reconnected it. now the motor is back to cutting out. I have not checked the connector yet but is there any other things I should look out for ? Thanks
  23. fr03cobra

    balancer leak

    any inputs on why my balancer is leaking oil? next step will be taking it off to put a better seal around the threads. Thanks
  24. fr03cobra

    after 3 yrs and countless set backs dyno sheet is here.

    15psi and 17 degrees timing only 30 miles on the motor.
  25. fr03cobra

    killer chiller done. almost ready for the road. Should have it back this weekend. Long time coming.