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    Army Recruiting Woes

    I've never served and looking back, I should have but I agree with you, the national anthem should bring everyone goosebumps. I've had the honor of singing the national anthem at a work function and the pride felt upon completion was indescribable.
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    Last unmolested 03?

    @CobraBob I don't think so but could always break the seal on the battery, drain and refill with fresh acid assuming no internal corrosion of the lead.
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    $8.11 later and I'm now the proud owner of..

    Let's see I'm staring at the oil rack and the filters Motorcraft qts 7.49/each Motorcraft 5 qts 31.99/each Motorcraft 5qt diesel 32.99(out of stock since last year) Motorcraft gas engine oil filters 9.99 Motorcraft diesel oil filter 11.99(fl1995a) 24.99(fl2016w) or 21.99(fl2051s) AutoZone...
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    Beef jerky recommendation

    Why do you think that? Superior starting cuts of beef/pork/chicken/whatever and superior seasoning? Maybe the lack of chemicals?
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    2002 Ford Thunderbird | Retro Review

    Interesting concept. Poor execution and jaguar X/S (don't remember which) under pinning did it in. Any do an LS swap on them?
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Is that Colonel Sanders gardening?
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    (QuickJack) Portable Car Lift

    Currently 1600 on homedepot site.
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    (QuickJack) Portable Car Lift

    Pic of my friend fusion on it for a brake job. Works best on level ground. Haven't tried to use it on the angled part of my driveway
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    (QuickJack) Portable Car Lift

    Love it! Bought the biggest and all accessories from home depot when they had a sale and 18/24 months no interest on their card. Not too heavy so it moves easily and all the lines and fittings seem pretty good. Once in a while I'll get a little fluid out of a fitting but nothing to be afraid of...
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    Who are you using for investment advice? Newsletter or other?

    That was my plan when the market did the covid crash. Basically start investing into monthly paying dividends that could equal out to a third or fourth paycheck per month. The guy I linked in my previous post actually made a series of videos to receive a dividend every day of the year
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    Who are you using for investment advice? Newsletter or other?

    I don't like alot of YouTube investors but this guy seems to have a pretty solid handle on stock advice. Cherry picked a few from various videos when I was looking for monthly paying dividends. GAIN and GLAD are the two I picked up and have been solid. Edit: maybe we can convince the kid that...
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    Lunar eclipse, tonight, viewable across most of the USA, except for Alaska

    I managed one picture before the cloud coverage from my cell around 10:45pm eastern.
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    Lunar eclipse, tonight, viewable across most of the USA, except for Alaska

    Was going to watch/try to get some pics but the clouds just rolled in around Central jersey
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    Electric F150 Lightning Pilot Program

    Not sure if it would apply to you, but i saw something about Ford restricting reselling to 1 year or more of ownership on the new electric model of the f150 a la the gt40 dibacal.
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    2002 Ford Focus SVT | Retro Review

    Friends father drives one that my friend got cheap. Awesome little suspension and loves to be wound up
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    Does anyone make a replacement 94-04 rear headrest?

    Maybe you can DIY the tabs back together with a heat gun and some flat plastic. Assuming you are talking about the tabs that the push pins go through to hold it in place
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    Anyone carpenters/woodworkers?

    Just finished these two taller cherry salt/pepper mills for my parents anniversary dinner tomorrow night. Both measure in at 10.5 inches tall. Definitely the most difficult project I've turned on a lathe. Pretty proud of these two pieces.
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    Sell 7.3 truck for fast car or nah?

    Parts availability for a rebuild would be something to consider when rebuilding. I know some of the rebuild kits have delivery dates of a month out at my job. If you can buy a running car with out the covid markup I would go that way.
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    The liberal media reporting black on black violence! It must have been bizarro day Seriously though, like stated above who gives a truck about it. Comedians were born to work the crowds....
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    Friday Joke

    Did you hear about the cheese factory that exploded in France? Sacre bleu! De brie was everywhere Had to throw another pun in
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    Anyone carpenters/woodworkers?

    Cutting boards always look nice especially when broken up between various types of wood. They look great
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    Anyone carpenters/woodworkers?

    Pm sent
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    Anyone carpenters/woodworkers?

    Matching pair I made today on my day off
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    Wow! Here's a 16K mile 2001 BMW Z8 getting good money on BaT.

    Conveniently, it was the bond car in the movie "The World is not Enough" I always liked these cars and they carried the same motor as the same year M5.