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  1. CompOrange04GT

    Hey IamRacerX .. you famous ?

  2. CompOrange04GT

    Well somehow this came home….

    Apparently the gf just “ had to have him” lol 8 weeks old
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    Got rid of the jeep

    Been thinking of getting a pick up for a while, but never really pursued it. Sales guy where I got my jeep from called me seeing if I wanted to trade it in… gave me an offer I couldn’t turn down. Never thought of getting one of these trucks, but I like it so far. I only drive a personal vehicle...
  4. CompOrange04GT

    Andddd Shelby is gone

    I’m sure people saw my constant posts about selling it. Well a dealership made the right offer. It wasn’t what I needed for a vehicle given where I am in life. I’m trying to road trip a lot more. Go places. Adventure around. I work half the time I used to, and sitting around the house wasn’t...
  5. CompOrange04GT

    Writing is racist

    CNN raises eyebrows after warning of 'racist' fonts that 'communicate Asianness' so apparently certain fonts are racist to Asians... who knew
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    Finally going to Texas !

    Finally get to leave this locked down shit hole of New Mexico. Accepted a transfer to move to a city a couple hours north of Houston. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately in Texas and my god I can’t wait to go to where freedom is alive.. well .. for now
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    Camaro’s banned in CA and Washington

    Chevrolet Camaro SS, ZL1 banned in California and Washington brake dust may kill fish... Lmfao
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    Started my sleeve

    Regardless of their political views I’ve always been a Disney cartoons fan, so I started my Disney sleeve Jack skellington was 2 weeeks or so ago.. the rest was today. Going back in January for more Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  9. CompOrange04GT

    Alex Trebek dead

    Rip man! Was awesome how public he was with his fight, and how he made learning things fun
  10. CompOrange04GT

    Well the 350z and Silverado are gone

    I’ll get better pics tomorrow when I wash it but I think I may have upgraded Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
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    Explain your racism... as a kid

    So, saw this question in "online school " for 7th grade geography in New Mexico. Imagine, your 13 year old in 2020 having to explain why different color people being around each other is a negative thing. Not only that but THREE reasons why it's a negative thing. I don't know what would be...
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    Well I did it again...

    Rescued another pup lol. I’m Turning into the crazy dog dad His name is “ Grimm “ and he’s a blue heeler.
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    Another dog thread

    Those in LNC know the story, but I got another dog. Basically I found this little dude running around 17 miles outside of town in the middle of nowhere in the oil fields. Hes lucky he didn't get hit by a large truck He ran under my truck. So I brought him home. Took him to the vet the next day...
  14. CompOrange04GT

    Since others have one.. House thread

    Got finished being built, and I realized I didn't do a thread as I learn how to do things around the house. I've never owned/built a house.. nor have I really ever worked on a house ( those in LNC have seen my stupid question. So here it goes 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage Pup in the backyard...
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    House Build

    Since other people have done it. Why not? It'll end up being a 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage house. Roughly 1815 sq ft. Big Backyard, covered porch out back. Finally will have a place to park both cars. Thank god. The first day I picked out the land. In roughly.. June I believe As of this...
  16. CompOrange04GT

    Universal Remotes ( Harmony)

    Does anybody use a universal remote in their house? Now that I've set up everything for my living room. I have 6 remotes for my living room. What remote do you reccomend that can cover most applications? Right now I have 1. Remote for LED on TV ( cant be connected to universal) 2...
  17. CompOrange04GT

    New Mexico Pros/Cons?

    So looks like I'll be flying out next week for work to see if I want to move. Carlsbad/Artesia area. Pros/Cons? Good food? Things to do out there?
  18. CompOrange04GT

    Got rid of the Is300 and got...

    I'll likely use this for a 2-3 day a week car and mountain driving seeing how it handles windy roads 6mt touring. Double din. Lowered a bit. Nice wheels. Stock other than that
  19. CompOrange04GT

    Got a new rescue pup

    Well since I moved into my own apartment. It has just been me for a couple months. I thought I needed a buddy. For hiking, relaxing, going downtown fort collins etc... He's a 10 month old boxer mix. His name was Walter, but I will likely call him "Wally" Here he is
  20. CompOrange04GT

    Finally built a MAME box

    For those that are like " wtf is a mame box" Basically it's a box loaded with emulators/movies/etc. This one is my game mame box. I have 14,000 games readily available from Atari, NES, PlayStation, all coin operated games that were in the arcade that never made it to consoles. Etc... You...
  21. CompOrange04GT

    New off road rig

    Well.... The Cherokee is a POS that I'm selling. The Lexus wasn't cut it as a daily in the winter. ( still keeping it and I'm going to build it) So I got this. 06, 4.0 4x4 bigger tires.. Only 55k on it
  22. CompOrange04GT

    New daily

    well since roughly 2001 I've had a dream car. It was never anything special. I just fell in love with it the first time I saw one. I liked that they were " peppy" , but sporty... they have comfortable interior.. Motor will last forever, and they just look great to me. For 14 years. I told...
  23. CompOrange04GT

    Renting Polaris Slingshot

    Anybody driven one yet? Worth renting? I'm thinking about next week renting one for the day and driving through the mountains in Colorado. From "reviews" I've read it's fun... but I know they can sway ths way and that way from mag to mag. Any of you have realworld experience? They rent...
  24. CompOrange04GT

    Shops in Northern Colorado?

    Need someone to work on my jeep, and also a good shop I can go to once I pick up another mustang. Any recommendations?