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    RIP Dusty from ZZ Top

    ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Dead at 72
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    Another fox body thread...

    After looking for what seems like forever, I finally put a Saleen in the stable. Meet 86-0177...
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    Shaun White's flag etiquette.

    Shouldn't he know better after being in the Olympics and winning multiple medals to keep the flag off the ground? He literally dragged it around and even stepped on it a few times.
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    Tire Quote Please...

    (2) 275/50/15 Nitto 555R delivered to Darlington, Maryland 21034. Thanks.
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    My new four eye

    After many years I'm back in a mustang. Been looking for a long time, it's hard to come across a clean 86' anymore for a decent price.
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    More street racing ends up in death... INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 24, 2015) --Metro Police say illegal street racing may be the cause of a terrible crash that left three people dead. A 12-year-old girl was among those killed. The crash...
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    Killer corvette... A 72-year-old man from Port Arthur, Texas, died inside his dream car when the lock system malfunctioned and he was trapped inside his 2007 Corvette with his dog, Leia. James Rogers...
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    Anyone ever use Invisalign?

    I had braces 30+ years ago and it seems that over the years my teeth have shifted a little, nothing horrible but just enough that my bottom K-9's will bite the inside of my lip occasionally while eating. So really it's not a looks issue but more of a functionality fix for me. I had an...
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    Another Craigslist find.....
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    Saw this a few weeks ago and wondered if anyone towed with their "performance" (sports car) vehicle? Now for all I know this guy packed up all his stuff and was moving across the counrty, who knows, maybe he was just making a trip to good will? Trailer looked to be 4' X 8'. So anyone here do...
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    My new Shelby was delivered, finally got some pics...

    Shelby Brianne (pronounced Bree-Anne) born October 22nd at 5:41pm, 20" long Here she is... Couldn't be any happier or more proud to be a father, she is my first. E-cigars for everyone!:beer:
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    Wife got a new car....

    Picked up a 13 Sport earlier this week. This car of course was my first choice, but my wife being the "I have to drive some other cars, I can't buy the first thing I drive" type of person, we had to drive a number of other cars. But we ended up with this after it was all said and done:rockon...
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    Old guys...first time fathers. How old were you?

    I turned 40 in December and found out a month or so ago that I will be becoming a dad in late October. This is something we planned, so that's not the issue. The more I think about it though the more I realize that some people/friends my age have kids in college already lol. So for the old...
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    Bear Grylls fired...

    I always thought Les was better anyway. Discovery Terminates Relationship With 'Man vs. Wild' Star Bear Grylls (Exclusive) - Yahoo! TV
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    Best mace/pepper spray...where to buy?

    So my girlfriend started work at a new hospital and is working 3-11 shift. It seems that in the afternoon all of the spots close to the building are taken, forcing her to park far away and have to walk. 99% of the time she is too busy to move her car closer before it gets dark, and she is not...
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    Watching football online...what site?

    Under certain circumstances I may not be near a TV to watch the Ravens/Pats game tomorrow, but will have access to the net. What website do you guys use to watch the games?
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    Picked up an 06 this weekend

    Picked this up yesterday, it's an 06 with 114K on the clock:banana::pepper:
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    Brand new fox body parts...exhaust, 3:73's, C&l meter

    Everything is brand new...Mac exhaust for a 5 speed $550
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    Shipping question...

    Been cleaning out the shed and selling alot of crap I don't use anymore. I'm trying to sell what I can localy on craigslist but do have some interest from guys on some of the car forums for some parts. My question is, how do you guys ship small parts such as throttle bodies, MAF's, things like...
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    95 cobra wheels and tri-bars for sale

    Posting these up for sale here before they go on CL. All tires are pretty much no good, two of the cobra rims have a small amount of curb rash. Tri-bars have some too, I have seven of them to chose from. $125 obo for the cobra rims and $20 a piece for the tri-bars or all seven for $100.
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    Scanned some of my old car pics...

    My first mustang...the 86 coupeMy second...88 coupe88 California mass air conv88GT conv 87GT98GT95GT conv94 vette
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    Just some pics of my old 95GT

    Messing around with the scanner to get some old car pics uploaded...thought i'd share