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  1. SlipperySnake

    Washed out piston rings.

    This isn't necessarily a tuning issue, but I don't see any other section to post this honestly. So I had a bad MAF sensor that caused my brand new engine with ID1300s to run very rich, were talking shooting black smoke out my downpipes. So every time I wanted to try and see if what I had...
  2. SlipperySnake

    Issues filling power steering.

    I've installed two new power steering pumps on my 2004 twin turbo cobra now and both have left me guessing if I'm just completely doing something wrong. So long story short I have custom power steering lines. Consisting of the required -an steel fittings and stainless steel braided PTFE hose. I...
  3. SlipperySnake

    FS: Clevite H-Series Rod & Crank Bearings

    As title states I have brand new, never used, never placed in an engine and still in plastic air tight package STD size Clevite H-Series coated bearings. No longer available. Went with another brand so didn’t even need them. Had them for a long time just found them and wanna get rid of them...
  4. SlipperySnake

    FS: SCT BA5000 BNIB

    As title states SCT BA5000 BNIB. Ended up not using it. Literally never been out of the box other than for pics attached below. $210 shipped to your door. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. SlipperySnake

    Power Steering Issue

    So being very anxious to get my car together I put it together with the power steering pump but didn't hook up any of the lines. So long story short the pump froze and I sheered the shaft right off lol. I got a new pump and hook up the lines and all. Fill it and worked great for about 5m with...
  6. SlipperySnake

    WTB: Engine harness

    As the title states, need harness for the motor. From the corner passenger side of the firewall where is bolts up at the connector. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. SlipperySnake

    WTB: 60lb or 80lb injectors.

    Something is up with my id1300s, my wiring or the tune itself. Grabbing a set to test. Thanks. 832-622-1191. Landon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. SlipperySnake

    TT 04 Cobra runing VERY rich.

    I have an 04 Cobra twin turbo, etc, etc. It has a Fore Innovations fuel system, fc3, triple 465 pumps, sullivan rails and ID1300s. Car is running very very rich. Runs very rough, black smoke, cant even breathe next to it, spitting fuel out the down pipes, black as night plugs, replaced 02...
  9. SlipperySnake


    Need a new pcm, curious who has one, code AMZ1. There is one on eBay for almost $500. Trying to get the best deal possible. Thank you.
  10. SlipperySnake

    No pulse on injectors and ignition coils. Help!!

    Haven't been on here in a while so hopefully posting in the right section. I have a twin turbo 04 cobra and the other day got to the big moment of starting the car yet to find out that all it does is turn over. After diagnosing I came to conclusions that the injectors and ignition coil plugs are...
  11. SlipperySnake

    WTB: SCT xcal 3 or 4

    As title states interested in a programmer. If I can get a good deal on a x4 I'll peak interest but the 3 will do for me. Unmarried is desired please. Thanks in advanced. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. SlipperySnake

    FS: ARH 1-7/8" LT's w/ ARH 3" O/R X and Bassani SS 3" Cat-back. BRAND NEW.

    FS: ARH 1-7/8" LT's w/ ARH 3" O/R X and Bassani SS 3" Cat-back. BRAND NEW. As the title states, all is BRAND NEW. Going twin turbo and can't use this anymore. I planned to, but it's useless to me now. Never bolted to car or even test fitted. It includes gaskets, bolts and all...
  13. SlipperySnake

    FS: blower. Home made. Come inside.

    For sale is a stage 6 stieg replica. It is just like a stieg for half the price. $550 shipped to your door. I hand ported the inlet myself, the case was cut on a machine. Let's the pics do the talking. No low ballers, only contact me if interested. Blower made 512/555 on 93 and 540/601 on E85...
  14. SlipperySnake

    WTB: FRPP Remote filter adapter(M-6881-C)

    Looking for this discontinued part. Part number from FRPP is M-6881-C. Willing to pay good money for it if it's in decent shape. For those of you unfamiliar here is a picture to help: Thanks in advanced guys! To contact me quick, text me at 832-622-1191 and of course leave a comment or PM if...
  15. SlipperySnake

    FS: Pulley bridge, Alternator brackets, eaton swap parts

    I have the pulley bridge with pullies off my 04 cobra, alternator brackets and stock fuel rails. I also have the the upper idler above the pulley bridge not sure what it's called. All in great condition. Pics and prices below. I also have a stock oil pan. If anyone is interested. Fuel rails...
  16. SlipperySnake

    FS:MAFIA, Stock intercooler and radiator reservoirs, and pulley cover.

    Getting rid of these few parts I don't need anymore. I have a stock intercooler tank and radiator reservoir tank, diablosport MAFia that works perfectly, just don't need it for my new setup, as well as a stock pulley cover that has rust on it, but would suite well as a candidate for...
  17. SlipperySnake

    FS: Stock Manley H-Beam ARP2000 rod bolts BNIB.

    I have a set (for 8 rods/16 bolts) of never opened ARP 2000 rod bolts for the stock 03/04 cobra Manley H-Beam. They are still vacuum sealed in their case. I opened the back where the thread lubricant is to get to the instructions, but bolts have never even been touched and thread lubricant and...
  18. SlipperySnake

    WTB: Sullivan intake.

    Like the title says. Anyone? Text me or PM. 832-622-1191 -Landon
  19. SlipperySnake

    Need advice on my heads.

    I'm building my motor but I am honestly not sure what to do with my heads. I will be running an F1A ProCharger on a Cog pulley system with an air to air intercooler through a Sullivan intake. I've asked around what to do but I'm seriously not positive on anything yet. I want stainless steel...
  20. SlipperySnake

    WTB: Sullivan Intake Mani

    Interested in Sullivan intake, upper and lower, single blade upper design. Not in a rush and searching for a good deal and piece. Show me what y'all got. PM or text for fast reply. 832-622-1191. -Landon. Thanks guys.
  21. SlipperySnake

    FS: Stage 6 Stieg replica

    Yes this is a replica. Looks just like a stage 6 from stieg and performs just as well. Made 540/601 on E85 with 2.8/4# combo. Comes with 2.8 coated pulley. 35k total miles and 10k on port. No issues whatsoever, only selling because I am going F1A. $700 shipped. Have two plenums for sale as well...
  22. SlipperySnake

    FS: Stock Manley rods and pistons.

    Going built motor. Nothing wrong with this setup at all. 35k total miles. Includes pistons, wrist pins, wrist pin locks, Manley H-beam rods with ARP 8740 rod bolts. As stated so no one thinks anything is wrong with these rods or pistons I'm going F1A and built motor just too weak for my setup...
  23. SlipperySnake

    FS: Stock lower intake, intercooler, eaton swap parts.

    Like the title states I am selling my stock lower and intercooler. I have a stage 6 steig blower as well. It put down 540/601 on E85 with a 2.8/4# combo. Have many other parts for sale as well, going F1A ProCharger so all eaton swap parts are for sale. Just PM or comment if interested. If you...
  24. SlipperySnake

    FS: Stock 03/04 Cobra pistons w/ wrist pins & pin locks

    Just upgrading the pistons. These are stock Termi pistons. Motor had 36k miles. Comes with pistons, wrist pins and wrist pin locks. Asking $225+ shipping. OBO but you pay shipping. PM me or text if interested. 832-622-1191.
  25. SlipperySnake

    FS:Stieg Replica Blower,C&L complete intake,billetflow,stock COP cover,rails,plenum

    For sale I have: Stock coil covers: $50 shipped? OBO just make offer. Stock Fuel Rails: $45 shipped OBO C&L Complete Intake with MAF housing and filter: $210 Shipped Accufab polished plenum($100 shipped) and stock plenum($50 shipped): Stieg stage 6 replica ported blower with 2.8 metco pulley...