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    I seriously LOLd

    Old video but I don't care. 47dkD1Mbwx0
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    Good news!!!

    Outrage as Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law' so husbands can have sex with dead wives up to six hours AFTER their death | Mail Online
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    You want some m&m's?

    NSFW lang Video: Lol: Preggo Crackhead Caught Stealing & Gets Pissed!
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    What if yo chial get ammonia??

    Video: Pure F*ckery: News Report On Air Jordan 11's Turns Ghetto In Texas! "What If Yo BabyGet Ammonia"
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    Cops kicking my door in!!!

    Okay so a friend and I were debating this scenario and I told him I'd ask for clarification. Let's say my friend from out of town is worried about me so he calls the cops to check on me and tells them he thinks I'm going to hurt or kill myself. The cops show up but I don't answer the door...
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    He didn't even drink that much!! NSFW

    I like how they call them crackers the whole time and say they hate white people while crying racism. Video: In Weatherford, Oklahoma: College Students At Southwestern State University Go Off On A Cop After Accusing The Driver Of Being Intoxicated!
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    Do you smoke? (Funny video) - Getting a facial... Heh what video did you think it'd be?
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    Have any of you LEOs ever...

    Issued a citation to someone for not having their blinker on while in a turn-only lane?
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    Have you ever been to a wedding where...

    Someone actually stands up and objects to the wedding after the dude says speak now or forever hold your peace? If so, tell the story. This idea just randomly popped in my head while I was at the gym.
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    20 car pileup in the dark

    Video: Thats Crazy: Over 20 Cars Pileup On San Diego Freeway During Southern California Blackout!
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    Aliens came to watch the earthquake and hurricane

    Daaaaaaaaaaamn son! Aliens came to the ghetto! NSFW language. Video: Sh*t Is Real Out Here: Bronx, NY UFO Sightings! (Multiple Witnesses)
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    It's free - Swipe yo EBT (NSFW)

    wow ha NzspsovNvII
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    Child support sting LOL

    Video: Pay Your Child Support Or This Will Be You: Child Support Bust!
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    Gold plated $8MM Phantom

    An anonymous buyer, described only as "a businessman from the Middle East," just purchased the gold-plated, fully armored, and astronomically expensive Rolls Royce Phantom EWB. Only two of the cars have been created so far, at the astounding cost of $8.1 million a piece. The designers...
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    New Bugatti 4 door

    Given the superlative nature and awesome speed of Bugatti’s already-legendary, 250-plus-mph Veyron supercar, interest in the manufacturer’s follow-up is intense. The company had previously gone on record as saying that its next model wouldn’t be a supercar, but details were scant—until now. In a...
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    Casey Anthony spotted in Ohio

    Anyone from Ohio - Maybe you can meet her and piihb. She was just wandering around town shopping and trying on clothes. WrK0c1y7xFI
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    New innovative tattoo removal procedure

    Edit: Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Damnit!!!!!!!!! I reposted a video like a noob, so instead I give you a video of a mariachi band serenading a whale. - If you've seen one Mariachi band serenading a Beluga whale, you've seen them all
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    Carroll Shelby accused of sexual assault

    Automotive legend Carroll Shelby -- the guy who designed the Ford Mustang Cobra -- has been sued by a former receptionist who claims the 88-year-old sexually assaulted her ... and also ignored her complaints when she told him she was raped by one of his employees. According to the lawsuit...
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    Sidewalk dentist

    Seems legit. - C'mon, don't be a wussy. These guys seem totally legit.
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    Woman crashes more than a million dollars worth of cars at once

    When in Monte Carlo, everything is done in style. And that includes crashing your car. This was the moment when a woman driver caused a $1.1 five-car pile-up as her Bentley collided with a Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin. Disaster struck as the hapless blonde negotiated the traffic...
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    They mad

    LOL Old people. "Internet tweeting system." :lol: Uo-6gKAwGaA
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    Police turn on each other while making an arrest.

    Different... EDIT: I DIDN'T NAME THE YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!!!! :rollseyes There is no furious fist fight. vqlyi3gdBfE
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    Don't ever steal potatoes - NSFW?

    Video: Sickening: 2 Thieves Stealing A Sack Of Potatoes In Kenya & Get Burned In Fire (*Warning* Graphic)
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    Star Found Shooting Water "Bullets"

    Star Found Shooting Water "Bullets" Seven hundred and fifty light-years from Earth, a young, sunlike star has been found with jets that blast epic quantities of water into interstellar space, shooting out droplets that move faster than a speeding bullet. The discovery suggests that...
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    Thank me later - Free Tampax Pearl samples by mail

    Free Tampax tampons samples - free coupons - free products online Who doesn't love a good deal?