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  1. mot70

    WTB VMP gen2r or ported trinity

    WTB VMP gen2r or ported trinity. Anybody have a nice one for sale? Thanks, Tom
  2. mot70

    Looking to buy intercooler

    Looking to buy Terminator intercooler in good shape. Thank you, Tom [email protected]
  3. mot70

    4.0 Whipple Crusher

    4.0 Whipple Crusher for sale $4200 About 2000 miles. Comes with throttle body, 123mm MAF housing, 123mms inlet tube, 9" S&B filter with high flow venturi inlet. Thank you for looking, Tom [email protected]
  4. mot70

    Oil cooler needed

    Anybody have an oil cooler for sale? Please email at [email protected] Thank you
  5. mot70

    WTB 03 04 Cobra hood

    Looking to buy an 03 04 Cobra hood. I am located in north Georgia. Thank you, Tom
  6. mot70

    WTB Kooks or ARH headers and x pipe

    Want to buy Kooks or ARH 1 7/8 headers and x pipe with 3 inch at collector and 3 inch out of x pipe. In north Georgia. Thanks, Tom
  7. mot70

    WTB Built Mach 1 prefer black

    I am looking to buy a built Mach 1. I prefer black, but willing to look at DSG, white or blue. Boosted would be great, but if not, I'm really looking for forged internals so it can handle boost at some point. Stronger trannys, built rear ends and/or boost ready fuel systems are what I'm looking...
  8. mot70

    WTB black or maybe sonic modded coupe

    I am looking to buy a black or sonic coupe. Black is my first choice. I am looking for a car with as many performance modifications as possible in my price range. Cars with bigger blowers, SRA or built IRS and/or fuel system upgrades will be most preferable. I am in Georgia, but willing to...
  9. mot70

    WTB Terminator or Coyote swap

    Looking for a Terminator or Coyote swap. I would prefer a coupe. I also have a WTB up in Terminator section. I am looking for 4 valve, forged internals and boosted or Coyote swap or just go with a Terminator. Please email responses to [email protected] Thank you
  10. mot70

    WTB black coupe. Prefer modded

    I am looking for a black coupe. I am in Georgia, but willing to travel to some degree for the right car at the right price. Cars modded towards dragstrip duty preferred but will consider clean stockish cars. Any leads appreciated. Feel free to email at [email protected]