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  1. coposrv

    Cobra bob. Your cobra is for sale.

    Cobra bob, not sure how to tag you. If you’re unaware your cobra is for sale in mass. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  2. coposrv

    Shipping a pickup?

    I’m familiar with enclosed auto shipping companies but does anyone have any experience shipping a 1 ton pick up? Pittsburg to metro Boston. The truck is a Crew cab short bed powerstroke. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  3. coposrv

    WANTED: WTB timing cover.

    Looking for a timing cover. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  4. coposrv

    WTB 5.4 dohc timing cover.

    WTB 5.4 dohc timing cover. Can’t find one anywhere. Does anyone have one tucked away somewhere? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  5. coposrv

    Intercooler on3 or procharger

    I currently have an older 3 core procharger air to air and it’s a well built piece but I might be close to maxing it. On3 has a 4” core intercooler but with their reputation I’m in the fence. It’s real short money but before I reconfigure my piping I’d like some data. Does anyone have...
  6. coposrv

    Factory 03 wheels. Are they forged?

    I think I remember seeing in a ford racing catalog years ago that the factory wheels on the mod motor era cobras were forged? Does anyone know for sure? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  7. coposrv

    Tail light harness

    Putting stock 01 amber lights back in my car and I don’t have the harness. I’m more than capable of making my own but I need to find a factory plug. I want to avoid cutting the car side. Can anyone grab a photo or share a part number? The taillight side of the plug was used in other vehicles...
  8. coposrv

    VIN lookup to find registration history

    Any way I can share the vin here and find registration history on a vehicle? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  9. coposrv

    Business website SEO price?

    Working with a marketing firm the last few month or so building a digital marketing campaign. They’re building a website for my electrical business focused on home services. $100 month for site and hosting. $1800/SEO $1800/google add words Couple extra add ones that push the total to 5k...
  10. coposrv

    Oakley replacement lenses

    I’m looking for polarized replacement lenses for a few pairs of Oakley Holbrook I have. I see a bunch available on Amazon. Has anyone used them before? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  11. coposrv

    Report to HR or handle it myself?

    Last nite having dinner my wife told me one of her employees sent her a message that day using their inter office messenger system. The guy asked her “if you weren’t married would you date me?” She said he persisted for about an hour for an answer until she answered him no. I asked if she had...
  12. coposrv

    Tube radiator support

    So like many others my lower radiator support is bent up pretty good. While the motor is out I’m debating a lower support from motion. While I’m at it removing the upper support and building a bolt in brace. Pros cons? Anyone have pics of a similar set up as this? Sent from my iPhone using...
  13. coposrv

    I’m looking for a one stop source for all LS info.

    Where to go for the LS Bible if you will. I want to learn more about what parts are on what engines and what can be interchanged. What are the differences between 4.8 5.3 6.0. Ls1 ls2 lt4 ls7 ls6 etc. The works if you will. I cruised around ls1tech and seems pretty dead. Sent from my iPhone...
  14. coposrv

    Joe Rogan Fighter Pilot and his UFO experience.

    Very interesting interview. Seems very credible. Are we close to disclosure? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  15. coposrv

    Calif. bill to pay NCAA athletes takes another step

    Calif. bill to pay NCAA athletes takes another step Seems reasonable to me. Most of these athletes after college walk away with nothing more than a worthless degree in some made-up course. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  16. coposrv

    Paint over powder coat?

    Picked up a set of stern face 2 wheels. The centers have been powder coated blue. It’s awful. I’d like to paint over instead of stripping and re-powder coating. The powder coat was done 2/3 years ago and is in great shape. Should I just scuff/prime paint them? Sent from my iPhone using...
  17. coposrv

    3 piece wheel parts. Where to get them.

    I’m looking for 40 hole outer lips for a set of 3 piece stern wheels. No clue where to even start looking. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  18. coposrv

    Back locking up while sleeping

    A few months ago I would wake up and barely be able to get out of bed. After and hour or so my back would loosen up and I would be 85% normal. I went and got a grueling deep tissue back massage and 3-4 weeks went by and I felt great. Now the past 3 days has been just as bad as before. It feels...
  19. coposrv

    Skip a vacation to work?

    Wife and I are flying to FLA Monday morning to meet friends for a golf trip. Got a call from a long time friend of mine (went to HS together, we play golf together every Wednesday afternoon) who is a PM for a mid-large resi builder. They have an electrical company they use pretty religiously...
  20. coposrv

    I just can’t convince myself to buy a house.

    I think it’s a huge 20-30 year liability for a terrible return and I can’t stomach the thought of it. Am I over thinking it? The average decent single family home that isn’t 150 years old and on top of the neighbors house where we are is 500k and another 8-10k in taxes a year. We can pay the...
  21. coposrv

    The saving an 01 vert

    Stumbled upon this being parted out. I wanted it as complete as possible but it was already missing the 01 front bumper, seats, tails IRS brakes and motor. I just happened to have a novi blown cammed B head 4.6 on an 03 bottom end I completely freshened up this winter. I was going to put the...
  22. coposrv

    Vert roll bar/styling bar.

    Going to check out a black convertible tomorrow afterwork. I don’t go to the track much but I’m looking into roll bars. I remember seeing a convertible 03 awhile back that had a custom roll bar built around a styling bar. I believe the car was black as well maybe a 10th anny. Does anyone...
  23. coposrv

    Who else got thrown off a job today?

    I called the real estate agent a piece of shit, fraud and thief. I didn’t realize it was the GCs daughter. WHOOPS! I’m not wrong though. Their trade is literally useless in today’s world. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  24. coposrv

    Oem rings and bearings.

    I might be picking up a bone stock 04 short block. If I do I was thinking about a quick refresh with some new rings and bearings. where are guys getting them? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  25. coposrv

    Brand new Silverado, motor just went.

    My dad bought another gas job 2500 pickup a few months back. He’s put a few thousand on it his guys have driven it on occasion as well. Last week it started running rough then just died sitting in traffic. The dealership sent a tow truck to pick it up and they called him a few days later saying...