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  1. 2141pete

    wtb 1 silver 18x9 Saleen rim

    No longer need, bought a new set of wheels.
  2. 2141pete

    wtb 1 silver 18x9 Salemen rim locally

    No longer need, bought a new set of wheels.
  3. 2141pete

    SoCal wheel repair?

    Does anyone know of a place that could repair a cracked wheel? One of my Saleens has a crack across a spoke and I would like to try and have it fixed. As far as I can tell they aren't replicas and it has been hard to find one good rim to replace it with. I emailed some guys on the local...
  4. 2141pete

    Is there a way to track down previous owners?

    Long story short I picked up my car and have questions. The older gentlemen I bought it off of didn't really know anything. I saw the vehicle report on it and knew it was salvaged from an accident in the right front. I checked the car over very thoroughly and ended up buying it. The salvage...
  5. 2141pete

    re-intro from SoCal

    Hello everyone, I joined and did an intro 3 years ago but have been lurking and reading since. I finally picked up my first cobra today! It's a red 96 with the basics. It has staggered Saleens with 335's out back, Bassani catback with off-road x-pipe, CAI, full Saleen motorcraft suspension...
  6. 2141pete

    New guy from Gulfport MS

    Hey folks new guy from the gulf coast. I am more of a Lurker for now. I have been wrapped up in diesel performance for the last few years so this should be a big change. I hope to be going soon from a 7k pound 12 second Dodge diesel to an 03/04 terminator. I have been looking around searching...