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  1. Zinc03Cobra

    California Will Start Testing for ECU Tunes

    So my CARB sticker EO# D-598-7 says... "The Mustang GT Supercharger Kit, consists of the following main components: 2.3L Twin Screw Whipple supercharger using a 3.375 inch diameter pulley, intercooler, intake manifold, bypass valve, reflashed ECM, dual port throttle body, new fuel injectors...
  2. Zinc03Cobra

    California Will Start Testing for ECU Tunes

    I'm not sure about this either. My Whipple did/does have a CARB number but I have a custom SCT tune from AED. Does this make me out of compliance because it wasn't a California CARB approved tune? Fun times. I smogged in October 2020 and passed with flying colors. I won't have to till...
  3. Zinc03Cobra

    California Will Start Testing for ECU Tunes

    As if you needed another reason to never live here or visit. Further proof it was never about emissions and clean air. California Will Start Testing for ECU Tunes During Smog Checks **I apologize in advance if this isn't the right section.
  4. Zinc03Cobra

    Fuel prices near you

    Chevron near my house is 4.09 for 91 octane, and was closer to mid 3s pre-election. 87/89 can still be had for a little under 4 dollars at most stations in Sacramento, CA.
  5. Zinc03Cobra

    How many of us have children?

    My wife and I have three girls. 1 - 4 year old, and we have twin 2 year olds. They are a blast. Twins were a rough go for the first 8-10 months, but now it's been really fun. We are considering a 4th and going after that boy. We'll see
  6. Zinc03Cobra

    POV of Ferrari 812 Superfast losing control and crashing in London!

    Well... they can afford another one.
  7. Zinc03Cobra

    The KING is super and well

  8. Zinc03Cobra

    We've lost a good one at SVTP. R I P Larry

    Incredibly sad news. Always liked LL, and enjoyed his disciplinary method.
  9. Zinc03Cobra

    Just wanted to say hi about 9 years later. Just curious if you still have the car. Take care. -lex

    Just wanted to say hi about 9 years later. Just curious if you still have the car. Take care. -lex
  10. Zinc03Cobra

    FS: BMR UCA & Bracket (RED, <500 miles)

    Located in Sacramento, CA. FS: Used BMR Upper Control Arm (Part #UTCA032) with poly bushing & BMR bracket (Part #UCM002). Bought 07/18/2020 directly from BMR and installed 07/25/2020. I estimate less than 500 miles on these parts. I would prefer selling together, but will entertain selling...
  11. Zinc03Cobra

    Flying with a firearm

    Thank God some first hand knowledge was brought into this thread. ^^ALL THIS. I fly with a firearm pretty often. One thing I run into is that I never get flagged for carrying a firearm to my destination. I get flagged on the way back and step off into another room with some TSA folks. It's...
  12. Zinc03Cobra

    The fate of Svtp

    I voted Decades. Few more years till I reach 20.
  13. Zinc03Cobra

    Concrete cleaner and tool degreaser

    I've had pretty decent success with a power washer surface cleaner and Zep (available at home depot) concrete/drive way solution. -Wet driveway -Dilute solution to your desire (1:25 or 1:5 for tougher stains) -KEEP WET -Pressure wash -Final rinse. (You can rinse as you go, just keep things...
  14. Zinc03Cobra

    03 Cobra vs E55 AMG

    reminds me of the good ol' days of BLADES.
  15. Zinc03Cobra


    It's true. I'm here to collect my benefits, pay, and eventual pension in about 15 years. Just gotta ride it out and go elsewhere.
  16. Zinc03Cobra

    Saving a 1972 Pantera

    Rad. Looking forward to more updates.
  17. Zinc03Cobra

    Star Trek: Picard | NYCC Trailer

    Set a course for interc.... you know what I mean...
  18. Zinc03Cobra

    Twin Turbo 2V 1/4 pass

    god damn it sounds amazing.
  19. Zinc03Cobra

    My GT40 Build

    Bronco fan? just kidding. Beautiful car.
  20. Zinc03Cobra

    show me your garage

    I am but a simple pleb.
  21. Zinc03Cobra

    Restored a Gumball Machine, with a twist.

    rad. I'd like to do one like this but fill it with bullets. <<feeling ambitious>>
  22. Zinc03Cobra

    Baby Fever

    Do it. There's a four year difference between my wife and I. I wanted children right around your age (30) and she wasn't having it (at 26). It took a few more years after that conversation for her to get around to the idea of children. Eventually we had our first in 2016 and got really...
  23. Zinc03Cobra

    NYC residents openly assault, drench and mock police. Disgusting!!!

    Meaning "I want to break the law, but due to the numerous law enforcement officials around, I cannot break the law. I'm fearful of the police because they will interfere with my plan and violate my rights." Proactive policing catches more bad guys than reactive policing. You sound sensitive...
  24. Zinc03Cobra

    Radar/Laser Detectors Opinions wanted

    Ain't going to work if the party using it is trained in visual estimation and then confirms it with radar/lidar (as they are required to by law.) My most satisfying stops when I worked traffic was when I would get people with a radar/lidar detectors. Most were Uniden or Valentine, with an...
  25. Zinc03Cobra

    The Gen 5 Whipple you've been waiting for!!

    CARB approved for California? Yeah, I live in a lame state.